I’ve been talking with my gamer friends and the recent Halo game popped up in conversation. I argued that if you read the novels so far John(Spartan-117 Masterchief)’s story is that of a tragic loss of humanity and what remains of his former self is linked with Cortana. When she died the impact of that is enormous. Soldiers in war do what they have to in the line of duty, it isn’t till they return from war that they feel their emotions flooding back to them. Imagine what his story would be after the events of Halo 4. That’s the story that I’m interested in. Not the fighting not the war, that’s all fine and well but I care about the human element. John’s story and the whole story of Halo 4 could have been told through flashbacks. But I’m not about retelling other people’s stories. I much prefer to take a tangent and fly with it. So in a month or so after I finish with edition 2 of the Mass Effect fan novel Skyfall it’s very likely I’ll begin writing a long short story for Halo.

The first pages can be read here: A Chasm of Unknown Dimensions