At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavilion. Shepard takes another drink, sitting with Garrus and Wrex. The group of friends and heroes of the Normandy are still celebrating their victory. It’s after dusk but the stories keep getting passed around as much as the drinks are. One of those stories . . .

Garrus – “What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to kill?”

Wrex – “That’s a tough one. I’ve fought a lot of battles in my life. Counting a few Thresher Maw, one would have been enough.”

Garrus – “You are a Krogan Battlemaster you must have seen some action at the end of the rachni wars.”

Wrex – “I didn’t have the chance to fight in the war, as not at I was hoping. I am the last battle master because I was the last to be trained for a war with an unpredictable ending. No I’d much rather talk about my mercenary career with another drink.”

Shepard slides some Asari White Whiskey to Wrex – “What about a first encounter story?”

Wrex – “Yeah I’ve got plenty of those.” takes a drink, “What do you have in mind?”

Shepard – “How about the Geth?”

Wrex – “My first time fighting the Geth. Huh, I’ll admit now but only to you. I was scared of the Geth. The Krogan know how to fight primal to primal but the Geth were unholy, walking, murdering tin cans. I was shaking in my boots until I swallowed my fear approached a lone Geth Soldier, grabbed it by the neck and crushed its lighbulb. That’s when I realized they’re just another enemy like any other.”

Wrex finishes a glass savoring the moment- “Or so I thought. . .”

Garrus listening eagerly – “What happened next?”

Wrex – “Well there is this one time. When I was a young mercenary a long time ago. I was hired muscle on a raid way out on the far side of the Traverse. We’d just finished raiding a weapons stockpile and were carrying the loot back to the ship through a canyon. I remember thinking it was the perfect place for an ambush. That’s when no less than a Geth Prime drops in front of me. Now to this day I have no idea why the geth were there. Maybe they were scavaging for the supplies we were carrying, who knows but I was behind my group, so when the party got a glance at the Prime they took off running. Cowards. And I’m stuck with a whopping geth prime blocking my path and garbling hate speech in his geth voice.

So I do what we all must in great situations like these. I reached deep inside my krogan heart and pulled out the heaviest shotgun in the pack I was smuggling, I aimed it for the shiny little light at the back of Geth head. You couldn’t get away with that now. Half the time the weapons are empty. But this shotgun was made before thermal clips so everything was ready to go. They just had a habit of exploding when they overheat. So I shot as fast as my gun could reload and when it would overheat I just did a roll over to the pile on the ground and grabbed another weapon in the bag. One by one they would all overheat in the bag until BOOM!

That took him right down the whole bag in total was quite heavy to throw but I was motivated not to have it blow up in my face.

But I hadn’t even knocked its shields down. Those weapons over a hundred years ago were crap compared to the ones today. That Geth just stared at me, it looked confused, didn’t even fire . . .

That had me worried. It was analyzing me because when I tried to go back into the caves to find some more weapons it blasted the ground where I was about to walk over. I was trapped.”

Garrus – “So what did you do then?”

Wrex taking another sip – “So I had to change tactics. I ran right up to it, dodged a melee from its arm cannon and jumped on its back.”

Garrus – “Ha ha! What were you trying to do?”

Wrex – “I was trying to rip out every tube of wires I could get my hands on. But it didn’t seem to do anything. It just spun around and grabbed me. Tried to pull me over the top of it’s head. But I fought back.”

Garrus – “What did you do?”

Wrex – “I bit its head off.”

Garrus – “And that worked?”

Wrex – “No, its head just hung there by a cluster of wires. It was really disoriented for a few moments. It started twitching and fumbling forward on its feet.”

Garrus – “Gees.”

Wrex – “They were tough bastards back then. Or at least they seemed to be. Compared to the weapons we have now. It got me pretty good in the back before I ducked behind a boulder for cover. Still have the burn marks from the plasma. I had one weapon left was my weak pistol, I kept shooting from behind cover and punched a bunch of holes in its armor  but it kept moving. It creeped up right behind the boulder and it was about to grab me again when I jumped up, onto the boulder. Jumped off the boulder and bit its head again. This time I had the leverage of my own body going up over the Geth Prime and ripping its head clean off.”

Garrus – “This is the one time that repeating a crazy idea twice will pay.”

Wrex – “You’d be surprised how many times that works.”

Garrus – “What repeating mistakes or biting geth heads off.”

Wrex – “Both.”

Wrex – “The Geth Prime was dead… Yep Shepard it was dead. But we all know that the Krogen aren’t the luckiest race in the galaxy so naturally, after I killed it. Things got more interesting.”

Garrus – “More interesting than literally chewing your way through enemies?”

Wrex – “You bet, I met my first Colossus.”

Garrus – “With only your pistol.”

Wrex – “Only my pistol and don’t forget, on foot. Solo with no backup.

In case you’d forgotten I am a Krogan Battle Master now a Warlord. And I became a Warlord because I won battles like this.”

Garrus – “I wasn’t implying anything. Go on, tell us what happened.”

Wrex – “Ok, so I was headed out down the canyon towards the ship when I start noticing these bodies on the ground. One after the other every merc from the raid was shot down by plasma artillery. Then I notice about 100 yards up was the Colossus. But it hadn’t seen me yet, so I search through all the crates on the ground and I find one full of grenades. So I grab a bunch and put them in a satchel before going after the Colossus. That’s when I noticed a ridge on my left. I was able to sneak up onto the ridge and drop on top of the Colossus’ back. That’s when the fun began. It tried to face me, but I was on its back so it just spun around with its head strangely starring at me. It was the funniest thing. I almost slipped off when I grabbed a loose panel. One of the other mercs must have shot it. I got my grip back and I tore it off. Grabbed one grenade, primed it, threw the entire satchel in. I jumped off and barely got away before it blew. What I didn’t know was that the grenades were all the High Explosive variety that they had back in the day and my armor got pelted in the back with shrapnel.”

Garrus – “Just a few more battle scars for the collection.”

Wrex – “Took weeks pull most of it out of my hide. The part of my back the most pain those plasma burns stung like hell. Still I walked away that day with the entire surviving loot to take and a new ship.”

Shepard – “So the Geth did you a favor.”

Wrex taking another drink – “It was no favor. That was a hard days work and exhausting battles. But there’s nothing like coming out alive, the champion, victorious with the spoils!”