Joker – “I’m picking up extreme energy fluctuations from the Crucible. I recommend we evade.”

Hackett – “Take us to a safe distance.”

Anderson – “You’re not really considering leaving?”

Hackett – “We don’t have a choice.”

Sheppard – “It’s ok Anderson. I knew the risks.”

Hackett – “You’re much more than a credit to the uniform. I’m sorry we ran out of time. Joker please send a message to the fleet and to all ground units. The Crucible is ready to fire.”

Joker – “Aye sir.”

The Crucible charges a massive amount of energy into each of the Citadel arms before firing its payload. The energy enveloped everything in the Sol system overloading the Reaper’s Mass Effect cores and igniting the Reaper’s internal power distribution architecture.

(Player Dependant Consequences)

Due to the Crucible’s careful construction and precise engineering by: The Quarrians and Geth, The Rachni, Kennith and Gabby’s innovation, Jacob Taylor and the Ex-Cerberus scientists, Miranda Lawson and Conrad Verner’s dissertation.
The Crucible was able to channel its energy through the Mass Relays without destroying them. Had the engineers made a single mistake the consequences of the Crucible’s uncontrolled energy would have been devastating.

And Sheppard, Sheppard is dying.

Sheppard can’t be rescued from the Crucible because: 1 Sheppard couldn’t broker a lasting peace with the Geth. 2 Sheppard killed the Rachni Queen and/or her clone. 3 alternatively: Sheppard fooled the Krogan into believing that he/she cured the Genophage when he/she didn’t and Grunt may not have survived with Arlak Company.

If any of these conditions are met but you do not have Dr. Chakwas on board the Normandy Sheppard makes a partial recovery seen HERE (link coming soon).

Anderson viewing the Galaxy map.

Anderson – “It’s a goddamn miracle. Reaper forces are being decimated everywhere.”

Hackett – “This victory came at a huge cost. More than we ever expected but we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.”

Anderson – “You could say that twice.”

EDI – “Admirals! I’m picking up life signs from Sheppard’s suit.”

Anderson – “Sheppard’s alive.”

EDI – “but there’s a problem. Sensors read Sheppard’s life signs below critical levels.”

Anderson – “Send Sheppard evac NOW!”

Hackett – “There are no other ships in the area. Joker plot a course for the Crucible, on the double!”

Joker – “Already set.”

Anderson – “Dr. Chakwas, prepare the medical bay for a patient. It’s Sheppard.”

Dr. Chakwas – “Understood.”

The Normandy races towards the Commander with time stacked against them.  Anderson, Vega and Cortez take the shuttle to pick up Sheppard but as soon as they see the Commander they fear, they may already be too late. With Sheppard on board Cortez books it back to the Normandy. Carrying Sheppard to the medical bay they get into an arguement,

Vega – “Why the hell would you leave Sheppard in the first place.”

Anderson – “I don’t have time to argue with you. You saw the energy released by that thing, any ship caught next to it would be obliterated.”

Vega – “You could have made the pickup. There was still time. But instead you chose to abandon the Commander.”

Now entering the med-bay.

Anderson – “We had no exact idea when the Crucible would fire.”

Vega – “It was a chance you should have been willing to take.”

Setting Sheppard down on one of the operating tables,

Anderson – “You think I like the way things turned out? I would have gone in Sheppard’s place if I could have. I asked to. Sheppard made the choice. Now we have to honor it.”

Dr. Chakwas scrubs in for surgery. Turns around to see Anderson arguing with Vega.

Dr. Chakwas – “All non-essential personnel are dismissed. That includes you Admiral. Now get out so I can go to work.”

Anderson – “Sorry Dr.”

Vega – “Sorry.”

As they leave one of the nurses pulls the window shutters closed.

Vega – “I’m sorry Sir, that was completely unprofessional of me.”

Anderson – “I know why you’re upset. It’s the same reason I’m upset. We took too long. If there were a ship, any ship in the area. Could have been a shuttle. Sheppard would have better odds of survival. Now we just have to hope.”

5 hours later.

Anderson walks back in to check on Sheppard. The sterilization vents blast him with purified air keeping out air-born pathogens as he enters. He puts on a paper face-mask only to observe that the machines are droning out beeps indicating that the patient has flat-lined. Dr. Chakwas with Sheppard’s blood stained all over her operating gown, is tense holding the internal paddles that attempt to restart the Commander’s heart.

Chakwas – “Rogers, push a double dose.”

Nurse Rogers at the medication console that distributes medicine intravenously

Rogers – “We’ve pushed five already.”

Chakwas – “We’re not giving up, push the override. Clear!”

She shocks the heart for the countless time as the medical screen counts the 46th minute Sheppard has gone without a beat.

Anderson – “Have you tried one of the v-hearts?”

Anderson is referring to the artificially vat-grown organs grown for medical use.

Chakwas – “This is the third heart.”

Rogers – “For some reason they beat for a few minutes like they’re supposed to and then just stop.”

Chakwas – “Clear.”

Anderson – “Kerin.”

The machine counts the 48th minute.

Anderson – “Kerin, don’t you think its time.”

Chakwas – “It’s not. It can’t be. Rogers, switch the Commander back over to the machine and prepare another v-heart  for transplant.”

Anderson – “Belay that, Kerin put down the paddles and step away from table.”

Chakwas – “No!”

Anderson – “Kerin, Sheppard is dead. It’s time to declare. You know that.”

Chakwas – “I can’t. I just can’t.”

Anderson – “Then I’ll do it for you. Mark the time, patient: Commander Sheppard, Time of Death 4:15.”

Kerin staggers back from from the table. Shocked, tired and nerve wracked she drops the paddles on the floor. The nurse turns off the machines.

Chakwas – “It can’t end like this. Not this way, not like this. Not in my care.” Starting to cry. Anderson puts his arms around her.

Anderson – “You did everything. Kerin, don’t blame yourself. You did everything.”

One week later. At the funeral aboard the U.S.S. Arlington.

Hackett – “We’re gathered here today as: friends, allies and brethren in combat to honor the service of Commander Sheppard; Hero of the Citadel and the galaxy in the war against the Reaper threat. We will never forget Sheppard’s heroism and sacrifice, purchased at the highest cost possible asked of any servicemen. We mourn the loss this represents to the galaxy as we bury its most distinguished hero. May it never be forgotten by time or memory.”

He steps down from the podium. Bagpipes play as a 21 gun salute fires blanks into the air, Garrus and Vega are among them honoring the Commander. Until finally the deceased body in a highly decorated coffin is launched out of the torpedo bay, into space. Liara, sitting in the crowd lifts her fist to her mouth and speaks into the cuff,

Liara – “Feron, are you in position?”

Through her earpiece,

Feron – “Affirmative, retrieving cargo.”

Liara – “Good, put it in cryo as soon as possible and contact Miranda Lawson when you get to the base. We have a lot of work to do.”

[End credits]

Note: If Miranda did not survive through your playthrough of ME3 or you did not complete the mission on Sanctuary Liara has a 50% likelihood of success.