You’re receiving this ending because you betrayed the Krogan, didn’t cure the genophage, made Wrex angry and killed him. Not because you selected, Red, Blue or Green ending but because your choices matter. If you are not satisfied with the ending you receive work harder and replay the game until you qualify for one of the other endings.

Joker – “I’m picking up incoming ships? That can’t be right. Sir you’re gonna want to see this.”

Hackett – “That’s a Krogan fleet.”

Anderson – “What are they doing here?”

Hackett –  “Open a channel with their flagship.”

Joker – “Don’t have to, they’re hailing us.”

Urdnot Wreav – “This is a courtesy message. Stay out of our way. Interfere and you will be destroyed.”

Hackett – “What are you doing in Earth Council Space? Declare your intentions immediately.”

Urdnot Wreav – “This is a courtesy message only. End transmission.”

Anderson – “That almost seemed hostile. What are they up to?”

Hackett – “I don’t know but I don’t like it. Reform our flank I’m setting up a blockade.”

Joker – “Message coming in. It’s Shepard.”

Shepard – “What’s going on up there? I see Krogan ships approaching.”

Hackett – “We’re trying to hold them off with a blockade. They’ve got some kind of an agenda but we’re not sure what that is or why they’re hostile.”

Shepard – “I could think of a few reasons.”

Anderson – “You don’t really think they’re angry about Wrex? The next in line would jump at the chance to be clan leader.”

Hackett – “Anything is possible. Shepard, a couple of scout ships are slipping through the blockade. They’re heading for the Crucible.”

Anderson – “Well they won’t make it through, the Crucible is too heavily guarded.”

Hackett – “They just might, we were protecting it from the Reapers on the other end.”

Shepard watching the scout ships land – “I think they’re more pissed with me not curing the Genophage. Listen I’m running out of ammunition I’m gonna need backup.”

Hackett – “Anderson have a team ready to leave the shuttle bay. Joker plot a course. We’re on our way Shepard hold out till we get there.”

Shepard watching the Krogan disembark the ships – “I think you’re already too late.

A single Krogan signals to his men to stay back then he walks up about 20 paces away from Shepard and calls out,

Grunt – “Shepard, Shepard come out and talk to me.”

Shepard walks out from hiding behind a pillar – “Grunt is that you? What’s going on? Why are you here?”

Grunt – “Shepard, the Krogan are angry and we want blood for your betrayal.”

Shepard – “We? You’re not my enemy.”

Grunt – “Treat someone like your enemy and they will become one Shepard. The Genophage lives within all Krogan blood. My blood. When the tower activated on Tuchanka the fail-safe released a modified version of the original Genophage. It got worse Shepard, much worse.”

Shepard – “Is that why you’re angry?”

Grunt – “The Krogan birthrate dropped to zero Shepard. YOU TRY watching the entire future of your species die before your eyes in the hands of their mothers and NOT get angry. That day was supposed to be a day of victory. Now it marks the end of our race. And we want blood, your blood.”

Shepard – “Come on Grunt we’re not enemies. I was your battle-master remember.”

Grunt – “I remember well Shepard. I remember when I said that if I found my clan and kin that I would eventually be glad to pit them against you. You may have been my battle-master but you’re not my clan leader. And you’re certainly not my friend.”

[The Normandy]

Anderson on the radio – “Shepard, Shepard come in.”

Hackett – “EDI are you getting any signal from Shepard’s suit?”

EDI – “We’re still out of range.”

Anderson – “That doesn’t make sense we should already be within range.”

Hackett – “Unless they have Shepard.”

Anderson – “They were after Shepard? How did they even know where Shepard was?”

Hackett – “We must have a spy.”

EDI – “Admirals, the Krogan ships are reversing course. They’re heading out of the system.”

Anderson – “They couldn’t have slipped by us.”

Hackett – “They just did.”

Joker – “Message coming in.”

Wreav – “Members of the Human Alliance take note, we have captured your most valued hero, Commander Shepard. Shepard will be tried on all counts of Genocide and murder. Murder of my blood brother and our clan leader Urdnot Wrex. Shepard will be found guilty of these crimes, executed and left to rot under the Tuchanka sun. As for the murder of our race, the Krogan will respond with War against the galaxy. That even if the Krogan will die, WE WILL NOT DIE WITHOUT A FIGHT. We not die without spilling the blood of every Salarian, Human, Asari or Turrian who think they have the right to decide the fates of entire species! you will not get to decide our fate. We will leave a trail of blood and pain larger than that of the Krogan Rebellions. We are the Krogan and we will leave a lasting scar on the face of this galaxy!”