Shepard: Samantha!

Traynor: Shepard! xoxo. How are YOU!

Shepard: I just got out of the hospital. But I feel good.

Traynor: Yeah, they’ve been watching you like a hawk since they transferred you from the Normandy.

 – I visited you while you were sleeping. The nurse wouldn’t let me wake you up.

Shepard: That’s too bad. I really missed you.

Traynor: Me too! You have no idea how worried I’ve been. But Karin has been keeping me posted.

Shepard: That’s nice of her. So where are you now?

Traynor: On the Normandy. Doing maintenance work. I’ve been busy ever since she made port.

Shepard: How bad is it?

Traynor: Half the systems needed repairs. But most of them are complete.

Shepard: That fast?

Traynor: It’s been two weeks.

Shepard: Really? I’ve been out that long.

Traynor: Didn’t one of the nurses tell you on the way out?

Shepard: I kind of snuck out.

Traynor: Shame on you!

Shepard: With Dr. Chakwas permission! I don’t want to miss Garrus’ party

Traynor: Oh yeah, I received the invite yesterday.

Shepard: So you’re coming?

Traynor: Of Course!

Shepard: I booked reservations and a shuttle if you want to join me? We’d be there a day early . . .

Traynor: I’d love to. But I’ve got too much work.

Shepard: I could get Hackett to pull some strings.

Traynor: That won’t be necessary. Some of these systems I designed myself. But don’t worry I’ll be on the next shuttle out. I promise.

Shepard: I’ll see you tomorrow then. Don’t work too hard Sam.

Traynor: I won’t. Take care, I love you.

Shepard: I love you too.

[Extranet_Chatlog# Commander_Shepard…#Samantha_Traynor:end>]

At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavilion, Anderson just finished delivering a Toast to Shepard. The group of friends and heroes of the Normandy are celebrating their victory. Shepard arrived only moments ago and the party just started. Still Shepard feels that someone is missing, but not for long. As Samantha Traynor walks in:

Traynor – “I hope I didn’t miss anything. I could hear the cheers from outside.”

Shepard opens her arms for a big hug – “Samantha!”

Samantha gives her a kiss on the cheek and hugs tightly.

Traynor – “It’s so good to see you!”

Shepard returning the kiss – “I missed you so much.”

Traynor – “Is it wrong that I never want to let go?”

Garrus observing them chimes in – “Not at all.”

Shepard – “Although my chest is a little bruised from the surgery.”

Traynor lets go immediately – “OH GOD! I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Shepard – “I’ll be fine.”

Traynor – “I’m so sorry.”

Shepard – “Really, it’s ok. Come on, lets find a table. Did you bring the Chess set?”

Traynor – “I did indeed.”

Shepard – “Good, because I’m beating you tonight. And I don’t care if I have to get you drunk.”

Traynor – “I’ll accept that challenge.”

They sit down and play for two hours. Shepard lost twice. Sam tries to explain what Shepard did wrong but,

Shepard – “I doubt I’ll actually learn anything.”

Traynor – “Maybe later.” She looks outside at the beach and the coming sunset.

Traynor – “You know what I want to do right now?”

Shepard – “What is it?”

Traynor – “I’d like to take a walk on the beach before the Sun sets. While it’s still warm.”

Shepard – “I’d like that too. lead the way.”

Samantha gets up from the table and Shepard follows behind her. She steps out onto the beach, feeling the sand between her toes as the warm Summer air blows gently in across her hair, Shepard remarks to herself that Sam looks beautiful in the sunlight.

Traynor – “What did you say?”

Shepard – “I said you look beautiful.”

Traynor – “You know what else looks beautiful?”

Shepard grabs her hand – “The ocean.”

Traynor – “No, I was going to say YOU!”

Shepard – “Well my next guesses were: a big house with a white picket fence, two children and a dog. But ok.”

Traynor – “I said I wanted a retriever.”

Shepard giggling – “So close!”

Traynor – “Just like chess.”

Shepard laughs – “Would you shut up about my chess game?”

Traynor – “You might have to kiss me to make me shut up about chess.”

Shepard – “I’ll accept that challenge.”

Shepard and Samantha share a lover’s kiss as the sun sets in the background over the horizon of the ocean.


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