At the bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavilion. Shepard takes another drink, trying to catch up to Garrus who had a few hour’s head start. The group of friends and heroes of the Normandy are celebrating their victory. It’s early and the guests are still arriving, Joker and EDI walked in just a few moments ago. But Shepard, watching the door is still waiting for someone to arrive . . .

Shepard – “Pass me the bottle Garrus.”

Garrus a little too drunk – “You should give up now. You’ll never win. I’ll beat you, just like I beat you at sharp shooting on the Citadel.”

Shepard a little preoccupied – “I’m not really trying to compete and I wasn’t then.”

Garrus – “Hey what’s that supposed to mean?”

Shepard – “It means I need a drink.”

Garrus – “Worried about something?”

Shepard – “You could say that.”

Garrus – “Is it about Cortez?”

Shepard – “How do you know?”

Garrus – “Javik let it slip. Where is he anyway?”

Shepard – “Who, Javik?”

Garrus – “Yeah.”

Shepard remembering his last conversation – “He’s following his men.”

Garrus – “Into the great beyond? May he rest in peace.”

Shepard – “Here, here!”

They take a drink in honor of the vengeful Prothean. And sit in silence for a moment, as much silence as a crowded bar at midday can offer.

Garrus – “Cortez will be here.”

Shepard looks up at Garrus surprised.

Garrus – “He’s a pilot, no matter where his shuttle set down or whatever happened in the last 2 weeks he’ll be here.”

Shepard – “I know. But that doesn’t make waiting easy.”

Garrus – “You saw his shuttle get shot down. I know it can’t be.”

Shepard – “I talked to him shortly after, in the camp there was a site to site communicator. He told me to come back safe.”

Cortez – “And come back you did.”

Shepard – “Steve!”

Cortez – “You gonna make a habit of screaming my name?”

Shepard gives him a kiss – “Only if you make a habit of crashing shuttles.”

Cortez – “I’ll try not to let a harvester get in the way of our relationship again.”

Garrus – “Have a seat, order what you want. Drinks are on me.”

Cortez takes the seat on the other side of Shepard – “Thanks. I admire a generous host.”

Garrus – “Ah, it’s the least I could do.”

Shepard – “So what took you so long?”

Cortez – “Red tape mostly. They kept me pretty busy flying shuttles and ground transport in London. Actually, they almost kept me too busy. My acting C.O. caught me reading my private terminal. When he realized that Commander Shepard sent for me, he promptly kicked my butt out of dodge.”

Shepard – “He’s a smart officer.”

Cortez – “It was a welcome gesture of kindness.”

Shepard – “I’m glad you’re here.”

Cortez – “Duty comes first, but I wouldn’t have missed it otherwise. It’s good seeing you alive and well.”

Shepard – “Same here.”

Shepard holds Steve’s hand in his – “I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t.”

Cortez – “You had me scared much worse. When I checked my mail the day after the battle Dr. Chakwas sent me a message that you were in critical condition.”

Shepard – “I put you on my emergency contact list.”

Cortez – “So did I. But it scared the living daylights out of me for about a minute. Until I read the next message. I’m glad it was Karin operating on you.”

Shepard – “I’m sorry to scare you like that.”

Cortez – “It’s ok. I’m so glad you’re alright.”

Garrus adds – “I think we all feel that way. Though not as strongly as you might. We’re all here to celebrate Shepard’s victory and recovery.”

Cortez – “Sounds like grounds for a toast.”

Garrus – “I’ll raise my glass to that.”

Shepard raising his glass – “I’d like to add, in honor of Steve. The best shuttle pilot, who on many occasion saved my life on our mission to save the galaxy.”

Garrus – “Cheers.”

Shepard quickly muttering – “and-he’s-a-damn-good-kisser-too. CHEERS!”


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