At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavilion. Shepard takes another drink, trying to catch up to Garrus who had a few hour’s head start. The group of friends and heroes of the Normandy are still celebrating their victory. It’s after dusk but the stories keep getting passed around as much as the drinks are. Still Shepard feels that something is missing. He has a deep seated feeling that someone is missing,

Shepard – “Pass me the bottle Garrus.”

Garrus a little too drunk – “You should give up now. You’ll never win. I’ll beat you, just like I beat you at sharp shooting on the Citadel.”

Shepard – “Way to hold the line Garrus, in the war against the bottle rebellions.”

Shepard grabs the bottle, pours a drink and passes it back to Garrus.

Garrus sends the bottle back – “No way, nu huh. You’re not gonna shortchange me. You gotta fill the glass all the way. From here on out. It gets real.”

Shepard fills it to the brim – “You happy?”

Garrus – “I’ll be happy when I beat you.”

Shepard pounds it down. The hard liquor burning.

Garrus – “You know I’m kind of jealous. You can drink half the stuff Turrians brew but we can’t drink yours.”

Shepard – “One of the perks of being human.”

The crowd cheers in the background.

Shepard turns around – “What happened?”

Vega pulling in his chips – “I just bluffed Hackett out 200 Creds!”

Anderson – “If he can fool the enemy half as good as he can fool you Admiral, he’ll make a hell of a C.O.”

Hackett – “Keep talkin. He just got lucky that’s all.”

Shepard to Garrus – “Garrus, it’s your turn.”

Garrus – “I’m getting to it.” Pours his drink – “Sheesh.”

Shepard – “Since when do you say ‘Sheesh’?”

Garrus pounds down his drink – “Since I started slurring too much to say ‘damn’,” and hands the bottle back.

Shepard – “So you think she’ll come?”

Garrus – “Who?”

Shepard – “Miranda.”

Garrus – “You invited her?”

Shepard taking the next drink – “Yeah.”

Garrus – “Then she’ll come.”

Shepard – “You don’t think it was, inappropriate do you?”

Garrus taking the next drink – “Nah, why should it be?”

Shepard – “Well it’s just, been a long time, you know.”

Garrus – “And that’s supposed to mean anything?”

Shepard – “Well usually it does.”

Garrus – “Not with Miranda, if I could guess. She’s probably on her way here right now.”

Shepard – “So you don’t think she’s trying to let go.”

Garrus – “What did I just say?” passing the bottle back to Shepard.

Garrus – “Now shut up and take another drink.”

Shepard and Garrus go back and forth for 2 hours. Cracking jokes and teasing each other in their drunken stupor.  It’s starting to get late at around 11 pm for a party that started at 2 with visitors coming in at regular intervals. Still no one has left so far. The last guests to arrive were Joker and EDI at around 7pm sunset. But still they were not as late as Miranda Lawson as she finally arrives.

Miranda walks right up behind Shepard, who has his head down over the bar half falling asleep still holding his glass like he’s just about to take his next drink. He doesn’t even notice Miranda walk in.

Miranda – “Hello.”

Shepard startled – “What? Who, . . . Miranda!”

Miranda gives Shepard a hug

Shepard – “You’re late.”

Miranda – “Sorry Shepard, I got here as soon as I could. You were a little late to send the invitation.”

Garrus looking up with his dazed heavy head – “That’s my fault. I kind of threw this together at the last moment. You know, had it planned but picking the location was a last minute thing. It was last minute.”

Miranda – “You know you’re repeating yourself.”

Garrus – “Yeah I know. I know.”

Shepard is struggling himself, trying to wake up. Garrus pushed his limits but he still tried to catch up with him, drink for drink Shepard had one and a half for every one Garrus had but Garrus was just that far ahead of him.

Shepard – “Would you like a drink?”

Miranda sits down next to him – “Yeah sure.”

Shepard passes her his drink.

Miranda – “I’ll take, that one . . . I guess.”

Shepard – “So.”

Miranda – “So, how are you?”

Shepard – “I’m good. A little drunk. But I’m good.”

Miranda smelling Shepard’s alcohol heavy breath – “How much have you had to drink anyway?”

Shepard – “Nothing much. Just a couple . . . ” Shepard looks around the bar, “just a couple of bottles”

Miranda – “What of beer?”

Shepard pointing at the glass – “No no, the strong stuff. Not the little ones . . . The BIG ones!”

Miranda – “You’re just too funny Shepard. Why did you drink so much?”

Shepard – “Well I told Garrus that I was trying to beat his record. But on the level, between you and me.”

Miranda – “Yeah.”

Shepard – “It’s because I thought you stood me up.”

Miranda swallows – “Oh, I’m sorry. Really.”

Shepard shakes his head flagrantly – “No really it’s. It’s ok. You were late. Something must have kept you.”

Miranda – “It was really just the short notice. I left as soon as I could.”

Shepard looks her in the eyes – “No, the important thing is you’re here now . . .

with me . . .

Here with me now.”

Miranda – “I think I get it.”

Shepard – “Well good. Because I like you. A lot!”

Miranda – “You’re positively hammered aren’t you?”

Shepard grabs the drink from Miranda

Shepard – “Yep.”

Miranda grabs it back – “I think you’ve had enough.”

Shepard slurring badly – “You’re probably right about that.”

Shepard gives Miranda a kiss.

Miranda – “Eww. Sorry, eww . . . ” caughing, “You just really need a breath mint.”

Shepard trying to sober up – “Sorry.”

Miranda getting up to leave – “I, I don’t know Shepard. You’re way too wasted and I did arrive late. Why don’t we just call it a night and I’ll meet you somewhere in the morning.”

Shepard – “No, don’t go. Miranda, really. I can sober up in a few hours. It was just a bad kiss.”

Miranda thinks for a moment – “Alright.”

A silent moment passes. Broken by Garrus sleeping and muttering something about having to shoot the bottle king.

Miranda – “Are you the bottle king?”

Shepard – “No. Garrus was hanging in there for a long time. I think we’re both tied.”

Joker and EDI get up from their table and head for the door.

Vega – “Oh no, where are you going.”

Joker – “It’s getting late and we’re turning in.”

Vega – “You know what they say about the people who are last to the party and the first to leave don’t you?”

Joker – “No what?”

Vega – “No, I don’t know what they call it, probably something derogatory I was hoping that would convince you to stay.”

EDI – “Sorry but Joker and I are on a vacation of our own you know.”

Vega – “Yeah well, have fun you two.”

Joker – “See you later Vega.”

Vega – “Later.”

Miranda turns to Shepard again – “Are you sure you don’t want to leave, people are starting to go.”

Shepard – “What, Joker and EDI? That’s two people.”

Hackett and Chakwas get up and leave.

Shepard – “Ok that’s four.”

Miranda – “So can we leave?”

Shepard – “Why are you in a rush?”

Miranda – “Why are you stalling?”

Shepard – “Probably because I can’t walk.”

Miranda – “Really?”

Shepard – “Well I don’t know I haven’t tried.”

Miranda – “Well try.”

Shepard stands up slowly – “Ok so far.”

Miranda – “Good.”

Shepard takes a few steps – “So where are we going.”

Miranda – “I assume you have a hotel?”

Shepard – “Not a whole one.”

Miranda – “You know a room?”

Shepard – “Yeah.”

Miranda – “Ok then lets go.”

Shepard surprised – “Wait a minute. Just like that? You skip out on the party but you have no problem coming to my hotel?”

Miranda – “I jumped on a shuttle at the last minute Shepard, I didn’t have time to get a reservation.”

Shepard – “Alright, just asking I’ll take what I can get then . . . ”

He starts stumbling toward the door, the hotel building is across the street from the bar, in view of the beach. Miranda runs up and grabs his shoulder to help steady his balance.

Shepard – “Hey Miranda.”

Miranda – “Yes.”

Shepard – “I missed you.”

Miranda – “I did too.”


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