At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool breeze flowing through the open air pavilion, Anderson just finished delivering a Toast to Shepard. The group of friends and heroes of the Normandy are celebrating their victory. Shepard arrived only moments ago and the party just started. Normally an Asari Justicar wouldn’t be seen in a place of such leisure unless she were chasing a person of interest. Which in some way, you could say that she was . . .

Samara – “Shepard. It is good to see you alive.”

Shepard – “Samara, I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

Samara – “I, found myself drawn to this place.”

Shepard – “I thought you’d be busy.”

Samara – “I had no other immediate obligations so I came.”

Shepard – “Well I’m glad you’re here.”

Samara – “As am I.”

Shepard turns around to speak with another of the many guests,

Samara – “Shepard, do you think we could speak someplace private?”

Shepard – “Sure, what do you have in mind.”

Samara – “It’s of a personal matter. Someplace we will not be disturbed.”

Shepard – “Ok.”

Garrus interrupts because he overhears everything.

Garrus – “Shepard there’s an empty room in the back if you need it.”

Samara nodding as a greeting – “Garrus.”

Garrus – “Samara.”

Shepard motioning to Samara – “Ok, after you.”

They walk past the bar where Garrus is sitting, through the hallway that leads past the kitchen and into a small vacant dining area.

Shepard – “So what is it you want to tell me.”

Samara – “It is about . . .” Taking a deep breath. “It’s about our relationship. I have feelings for you . . . feelings that I haven’t felt for a long time.”

Shepard – “Ok.”

Samara – “It’s becoming difficult to live with. I find my thoughts are straying towards thoughts of you. Even when I meditate I’m distracted by the wish that you might walk in and interrupt.”

Shepard – “Like on the Observation Deck.”

Samara – “These feelings . . . are getting in the way of the code. I am faced with yet another impossible decision. I cannot ignore you like before. But I cannot bring myself to kill you.”

Shepard momentarily shocked – “Kill, why would you have to kill me?”

Samara – “Because the code demands it. No one is allowed to interfere with the life of a Justicar or her ability to carry out the code.”

Shepard – “I didn’t know you felt that strongly.”

Samara – “Do not dramatize it. I have killed for less interference.”

Shepard sarcastically – “That’s comforting.”

Samara – “But I am once again at an impasse. I cannot kill you. Just as I could not kill my daughter. You have already spared my life. So I do not believe that I could take it, not without causing you harm. For once my judgement is completely clouded . . . ” Samara closes her eyes as if fatigued.

Samara – “Unless you release me.”

Shepard – “What do you mean?”

Samara – “If you tell me that you have no feelings for me, I will leave.”

Shepard – “But I do have feelings for you.”

Samara – “That both is, and is not what I want to hear. There is another way. But it is unthinkable.”

Shepard – “What is it?”

Samara – “I have thought about abandoning the life of a Justicar. But it is impossible for me to imagine. Centuries of obedience makes the thought unbearable. And it is dangerous. Several Justicars would hunt me, out of principle.”

Shepard – “I would never ask you to do that. Not if it puts you in danger.”

Samara – “The war against the Reapers has left the galaxy short many Justicars. They may not even be aware of me.”

Shepard trying to put it all together – “Sounds like a difficult decision.”

Samara – “One that you have not made any easier.”

Shepard holds the palms of Samara’s hands – “Because I can’t. I meant everything that I said. You deserve to find happiness. And you have served the code well for centuries. Can’t you leave its service knowing that you did a great good for the galaxy for a very long time?”

Samara, the emotion in her voice begins to show – “Leaving is never permitted. But I also cannot permit what the code demands.”

Shepard – “Can’t I come with you?”

Samara surprised – “You would fight along side me?”

Shepard – “Yes.”

Samara thinking it through – “The life of the Justicar is solitary. But there is nothing to prevent you from following me. As long as you never interfere with the code you may join me.”

Shepard – “I will never interfere.”

Samara – “Then it may be possible.”

Shepard – “Let’s take it one day at a time.” Going in for a kiss. [End Scene]


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