At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavilion. Shepard quietly leaves the bar just after dusk, her group of friends and heroes of the Normandy are still celebrating inside. She steps out onto the beach, feeling the sand between her toes as the warm Summer air blows gently in across her hair. She remembers the last words Thane had ever said

Thane – “I have only a few loves left, and you are my last . . . Siha! I’m afraid I picked a bad time to leave.”

Shepard tearing up, whispers softly – “You couldn’t disappoint me Thane. Not even now.

Thane – “Such pleasant things from your lips . . . Siha it will be soon.”

Shepard sobbing slowly – “I hope so Thane.”

Thane – “Kalahira who’s waves wear down stones and sand. Kalahira wash the sins from this one and set her on the distant shore of the infinite spirit.”

Shepard – “Kalahira, this one’s heart is pure but beset by wickedness and contention. Guide this one to where the traveler never tires, the lover never leaves . . .

Garrus walking up slowly behind – “the hungry never starve. Guide this one Kalahira, and she will be a companion to you as she was to me.”

Shepard – “You know it?”

Garrus – “I once had a Drell girlfriend. I tried to impress her by going to Temple.”

A silent moment passes by.

Garrus – “You miss him don’t you.”

Shepard – “Yes, I do.” Her face wet with tears winces from the pain.

Garrus giving her a hug – “There, there. It wouldn’t be painful if you didn’t love him. I know that if he saw you like this it would make him twice as sad as it makes me right now.”

Shepard forces out the words – “I’d give anything to see him again.”

Garrus looks up at the stars, shaking his head – “I told myself I wouldn’t cry.” Cries anyways.

Garrus – “It’s gonna be alright. Spirits! Just tell me it’s gonna be alright. We’ll get through this?”

Shepard – “Garrus I miss him.”

Garrus hugging her rubs her arm, gently squeezing – “I know you do honey, I know you do. And so does he. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to look out over the horizon and imagine him across the shore in just as much pain as you are in now. And he’s looking back at you and remembering all the good times you had together. In that perfect detail Drell do.”

Shepard wipes the tears for her eyes.

Garrus – “And the wind that blows in . . . ” Garrus looks her in the eyes.

Garrus – “Those are the kisses that he’s blowing you from afar.”

Shepard – “Thank you so much. Thank you Garrus.”

Garrus still hugging her, kisses the back of her head – “You’re very welcome.”

They gaze out over the ocean as the wind blows in.


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