Chapter 6: London Crypt

Edition 2.0

 Cadet Mathews and the soldiers wrapped General Whitaker’s body in a bag and loaded him into the back of the transport. Anderson couldn’t even stand to watch; he jumped immediately into the driver seat of the tank and sped off down the road to the base camp entrance.  Kicking up dust, the heavy tank sped around the final corner stopping short of the outside wall.

“Where’s Colonel Carter?!” Anderson shouted jumping out of the Mako. No one answered, “Where is he?” He asked again.

“Up the drag in the communications tent.” Someone shouted.

Anderson didn’t even catch a glimpse of the person who answered him. He marched straight past a motorcade with weary soldiers disembarking, towards a large open tent.

“Colonel!” Anderson shouted.

Carter was in the middle of an encrypted communication with Admiral Hackett on one of the monitors.

Anderson interrupted him, “Colonel what the hell happened out there?”

“Why don’t you tell me?” Carter snidely remarked.

“Cut the bullshit. You know what happened. We called for evac twice, where the hell were they?”

“Our first patrol was unable to respond,” the Colonel tried to explain.

“UNABLE to respond?” Anderson raised his voice. “Colonel do you know the difference between our uniforms? In the presence of an Admiral you’re to address me as SIR! Now answer the damn question, where was the evac we requested?”

Carter turned his back, “At the time you called we were unable to respond sir.”

“Unable, is that it?” Anderson grabbed Carter by the uniform turning him around. “Look at me!” He shook the man, “Look at this,” Anderson held up the dog tag he pulled from the body of General Whitaker, “look! An Alliance General is dead!” Anderson shook the tag in his face and pointed his finger right to Carter’s temple, “On your watch he’s dead! Now tell me why you didn’t scramble every able body to protect his?”

Colonel Carter carefully chose his next words, “Sir, with all due respect. We had no units available for deployment.”

Anderson let him go from his grip, he shook out his trembling arms and straightened his shirt taking a deep breath, “I saw a motorcade out there, where were they?” He shouted.

The Colonel spoke plainly, “On a mission.”

Anderson calked his head sideways in disbelief, “What mission?”

“That’s Classified.”

That word ‘Classified’ really pissed him off. Anderson shrugged his shoulders and held his arms wide open, “I’m a Alliance Admiral, what mission could there possibly be that I don’t have clearance for?!”

Admiral Hackett popped up on the video screen. It was hard enough for the camp technicians to scramble together the large 2 dimensional video pane and link it up to the satellites. They didn’t have the resources to produce holograms.

“It’s alright Carter, you can tell him,” Hackett said.

“I’d rather you did,” the roughed up Colonel said.

“Anderson, first I’d like to say I’m glad you made it to London alive,” said Hackett.

“I wish I could say the same for Whitaker,” said Anderson.

Hackett heard everything Anderson said since he entered the tent through the open comm channel, “I know you’re angry David, and it’s a tragedy. We lost a good man today but we also lost a lot of good men and women, and we’re not done making sacrifices. But before you demote the Colonel to Major, I want you to know that he was just following orders.”

“Whose orders were they?”

“My orders,” Hackett said.

Anderson couldn’t believe it, “Was it worth it Steven?”

Hackett took a deep breath and then said, “It never is. But if we’re gonna win this, with what we have available we have to choose our battles. I’m sorry your shuttle got shot down.”

Anderson’s face looked confused, “Sorry isn’t enough.”

“I did what I could David. I did what I had to, to protect the artifact from Cerberus.”

“What artifact?” Said Anderson.

“Camp Rilea was a high security facility studying a Prothean-like artifact. We called it operation Skyfall. We studied it for months. We had to ensure the artifact’s safe transport.”

The sudden evacuation made sense, as soon as Cerberus found the facility the Alliance would have had little time to move it before they came again, “That’s why Cerberus attacked.”

“Exactly. The artifact is more important than you know. We’re just getting close to unlocking its potential and we need every edge against the Reapers,” Hackett swallowed, “I’m sorry it came at the cost of Whitaker’s life. He died in the service of Humanity.”

Anderson finally got the answers he needed and he breathed a little easier, “Ok. But why didn’t I know about this?”

“Politics. David, you’d be surprised what I didn’t know till this morning. For years we had a team of scientists studying deep space radar telemetry from underneath Cheyenne Mountain. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Hackett still hadn’t answered Anderson, “What does it do?” Anderson asked.

Hackett spoke candidly, “It bears similar attributes to the technology that built the Mass Relay’s. Specifically, the Reapers. And, it predates the Protheans.”

Anderson was about to ask another question when Hackett spoke again, “Normally this information would be shared on a face to face basis only, but I need you to recover the artifact. It was shot down about 16 kilometers from the base and the last mission failed to recover the property because they were recalled to rescue you.”

Anderson stood corrected, “If only they had gotten to us sooner.”

“I need you to do this David. Get that artifact,” said Hackett.

Anderson acknowledged the order, “I’ll do everything I can.”

“You’re the highest ranking officer, the London base camp is now under your command. Do what you have to. Don’t hesitate to make sacrifices, this war won’t be won long term. The Reapers are hitting us hard, we have to use everything we’ve got and we’ve got to use it fast. Hackett out.”

The transmission ended. Anderson turned toward Colonel Carter, “Reassemble the motorcade, get them refueled and reloaded. We’re leaving in twenty.”

The Colonel stood stupefied, “We? Sir?”

Anderson walked out of the tent, “You’re coming with us.”

Anderson wouldn’t leave anything up to chance. If the artifact was worth trading the General’s life for, it was worth trading his. He went immediately to the armory and apart from replacing his now tattered chest-plate he decided against wearing heavy armor. He re-outfitted himself with a belt satchel of 8 fragmentation grenades, 4 on each side. He placed his trusty combat knife in his breast pocket and secured it. For this mission he wanted something more powerful, he elected to equip the gauntlet of an omni-tool. Clasping it down onto his left forearm he powered up the omni-blade to see if it worked and powered it down. Anderson was an N7 veteran. It’s not enough to say that Anderson was a good shot: he’s even better when he’s angry. He picked up a stock Mark V N7 Valiant sniper rifle and loaded it with inferno grade incendiary rounds. On the workbench he spotted an extended barrel and an armor piercing accelerator pack. Quickly, he popped both modifications into the rifle and collapsed the weapon into the slot across his back. Satisfied, Anderson was prepared for war.

Marching out of the armory, the sun slid behind another cloud and the city was dark yet again. Anderson jumped into the back of the transport truck shouting “Let’s go!” to the driver over the loud sound of the engines. The Mako tank at the front started moving first, followed by 2 Hammerhead hovercrafts. Anderson’s transport was protected on both sides by 2 additional Mako tanks and a third hammerhead craft behind with 3 tanks crawling up the rear. The massive ground force moving out of the camp was sure to draw Reaper attention; but there wasn’t a team in the galaxy small or capable enough to recover the artifact from deep inside enemy territory without drawing out the enemy. Except, for Commander Shepard. Sitting in the truck beside Anderson, Cadet Mathews hoped the motorcade was massive enough to hold the Reapers off.

The fighting in London over the past 4 hours had been more intense and devastating than Cadet Mathews’ wildest expectations. Each of the Reaper attacks were strong enough to turn any fresh eyed Cadet into either an overnight veteran or a complete basket case. If,  the soldier survived the process. Mathews landed in London setting foot on the ground not 10 minutes before being assigned to the recovery mission of an asset he learned nothing about. Carter wasn’t even the least bit generous with the details. Mathews and his squad got half way into enemy territory when Anderson called for help. They turned around as fast as they could, but it was too late for General Whitaker. My God! The General is dead. Mathews couldn’t believe it. The man he knew, the man he looked up to, the man he hoped to be, was laying in a body bag. And the only survivor, Anderson sat next to him on the truck with a scowl.


“You’re not splitting up my squad!” Jack protested.

“We have no intention of splitting them up,” Hackett said over the video hologram. Jack was arguing with him from thousands of light-years away on the Citadel.

“No, you just won’t allow me to go with,” she said.

“We don’t make a habit of putting the Alliance’s best teachers on the front lines,” said Hackett, “It’s the cycle, you train them, they go off and fight and you train the next batch of students.”

“But there’s no one else to train! The academy’s destroyed. And I haven’t finished training the first group!”

Hackett could see that Jack was terribly upset.

Jack pleaded, “I’m their leader. You can’t split us up, it’ll destroy their morale.”

Hackett conceded, “Very well you’ve made your point. You know your team, you can go with.”

Jack let out a sigh of relief.

Hackett turned to the mission details at hand, “You’ll be supporting lieutenant Chesterton and his N7 team. They’re highly trained as are your students… except for one.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jack didn’t like the implication.

“You expressed some dissatisfaction on the report of one student named Rodriguez. She’s to stay on the Citadel and wait out the duration of this mission,” said Hackett.

“No! Not gonna happen. I was wrong, I was too hard on her in that report,” Jack thought it was time to correct her mistake, “Sir, Admiral, she’s ready. And anyway I’m going with. I’ll take care of her.”

“I don’t know Jack,” Hackett said, “We’ve all been there in the chain of command. I know you don’t want to leave anyone behind but you’re going to be heading out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

Jack thought nervously about what he was going to say next, “Needless to say, I’m confident in your abilities. Your request is approved. But if anything happens to her out there, regardless of the circumstances, it’ll be your ass on the line and not mine.”

“Understood Admiral, and thank you,” said Jack.

“You’re welcome Jack, now go knock’em dead! Hackett out.”

The hologram shut off and Jack exited the small Alliance Communications Office. What and where were they being sent into? She wondered, walking down the crowded Citadel  hallway on the way to the elevator. Once inside, she ran it through again in her mind, So we’re going to an Alliance base on Ontarom. Overrun by the Reapers to recover some piece of an artifact. With only a small strike team. And Rodriguez… Jack still hadn’t gotten over teasing her. Yeah, what could go wrong? She punched the button on the lift set for docking bay D32 reserved for the SSV Paulo Alto. Her team had been waiting patiently there for Jack to receive the mission summery. Because it was top secret she had to be told in-person, or as in-person as encrypted Alliance transmissions get.

“What’s going on?” An impatient Prangley, jumps up from his seat and asked.

“Get your gear and get into the ship. I’ll explain on the way,” Jack ordered marching past and towards the Alliance ID, and retinal scanners. With access, she boarded the frigate, her team soon followed.


Mathews kept his head down in the truck, every 5 seconds the tanks fired a round at convoy’s outer perimeter. So far there’s been no great show of force; just one or two enemies came at them at a time. The sun kept shining in and out of the sky, the clouds painted the ground with sweeping shadows and the city was covered in a monochromatic canvas. Mathews had never been in a war-zone so dreary, or even in a war-zone until two days ago.  Although the night he spent on the barricades hardly compared to this. They were marching into the heart of danger and they were almost at its door. As the convoy fanned out in front of the subway tunnel entrance, it seemed like forever ago that he was only an officer in training.

“Alright lets move people,” Anderson was the first out of his seat leading the group of 12 men and women out of the truck, “Into the tunnel entrance. Colonel take point,” said Anderson.

The soldiers riding along in the Mako and Hammerhead tanks soon followed.

“I’d rather stay with the vehicles . Mathew’s led the first mission,” the Colonel argued.

As much as Anderson didn’t like him, he needed Carter’s expertise on this mission.

Anderson stopped dead in his tracks, “Is that right? Colonel are you a coward? Cause you know when I’m given the choice between an Alliance Colonel and a Cadet to lead the charge, I’ll always choose the Colonel… Except you, I think I’ve had enough of you.”

“Mathew’s is more than qualified…”

“What’s your problem Colonel, get your ass out in front and lead the squad,” Anderson ordered.

“Yes sir,” Carter said moving ahead.

Anderson flipped on the headlamp that he strapped to his forehead, he called it his torch, “Mathews, take point with Carter and lead the group inside. I’ll be right after you.

“Yes sir,” said Mathews and he started moving towards the entrance.

“And Mathews,” Anderson stopped him a moment, “Make sure that Carter doesn’t cause any trouble.”

Mathews signaled to the group to follow. He turned on the light mounted to the stock of his rifle and started down the stairs into the abandoned subway tunnel, ahead of Carter who gave a resentful stare towards Anderson before he followed after the group.

Anderson returned eye contact with a defiant scowl as he readied the first first round into chamber of his N7 Valiant rifle. What little respect Anderson had for Carter was quickly fading. Anderson turned on the rifle scope’s night-vision and made one final check of its safety.  He followed after the party watching over them like a shepherd at their backs into the blackness of the tunnel below. The sun closed up behind the clouds above and in the night of the day the creatures of darkness lurked in the city of London, creaping upon the valiant that marched into the very mouth of hell.


“We’re headed to a location known as Firebase Dagger on the planet Ontarom,” Jack said to her team en-route to the planet aboard the SSV Paulo Alto.

“Oh, great! That means we’re gonna be nothing but hot and sticky,” Prangley complained about the notorious in-climate weather of the planet.

“Just like the date you took to the prom,” Jack said.

“Is that your only comeback for everything ma’am?” Said Prangley.

“Everything that’s ‘hot and sticky’,” said Jack.

“Yeah, I suppose it was a poor turn of phrase,” said Prangley.

Jack continued lecturing to them about the mission, “Listen up! We’ll be there in 20, so let’s not waste any more time. When we get ground-side we have to clear the base of all hostiles. I know none of you have done battle with the Reapers before but it’s just like fighting anything else. When we clear them out, we need to make our way to the elevator entrance. It’s housed in the main building accessed from the top level. Now only 1 person can go down at a time. It’s a small elevator that leads into a smaller mine shaft below.”

“Who’ll be going?” Rodriguez asked.

“The Alliance brass chose me to go,” Jack explained, “Now the artifact is in the abandoned eezo mine. Used to be run by Exogeni until the Alliance got involved with the artifact they discovered. They don’t want any weapons fire so in the unlikely event there are enemies below they chose me for my biotics strength. Originally, they chose Prangley because for some reason they left me out of the mission roster by some mistake. So I had a little chat with Admiral Hackett and explained to him why there was no way in hell he could split up the team.”

“Is that it?” Prangley asked.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Jack said, “Oh, and I almost forgot. We’ll be working with Chesterton and the N7 team from the academy.”

The girls in the squad cheer.

“He was popular, was he?” Jack asked.

“He was all ‘hot and sticky’,” Rodriguez said.

Jack and the squad laughed, “Well then there should be no problem providing his team with barrier and artillery support.”

“We’ll be all over him,” Rodriguez said.

Hoots and howls could be heard.

“Alright settle down, out of the briefing room and down to the armory with ya! I’ll meet you in the shuttle-bay in 10.”

She waved the team up from their seats and out of the room. Jack felt nervous. It was kind of exciting, she was about to lead her team on their first real mission. It was also nerve wracking for the same reasonThey’d done well against Cerberus, but she had no idea how they would do against the Reapers.  From what she knew the Reapers waged psychological warfare and if her team didn’t adapt-no she thought. They would adapt. All things considered she guessed that she’d just have to wait and see.


The group of 20 soldiers counting Anderson, Mathews and Carter reached the bottom of the stairs. In the pitch dark station they hopped the turnstile lanes designed to scan the printed key-card tickets. Mathews stops short of the edge where the floor drops off onto the tracks. The London tram switched over from electric drive to a combination of magnetic levitation and Mass Effect propulsion; the result was a train system that was 3 times more efficient than before. It also meant that there was no risk of electrocution if anyone happened to fall on the tracks. Mathews jumped down first onto the tracks, he turned around and checked both sides into the tunnels for possible movement before he signaled to the team to follow. 20 well trained soldiers were an impressive force, even if most of them were only cadets. They had an ace up their sleeve with Admiral Anderson; which raised the average rank of each of them to that of lieutenant. Anderson’s spec ops work in his youth almost earned him the commission and title of Spectre. But it was stripped of him by the Council at the disingenuous recommendation of Saren Arterius after a mission that went awry.  The long trek into the London underground reminded him of the mission that started that whole ordeal. When the remote research facility stationed on Sidon called for help, Anderson and his team responded. The whole facility was underground, dark and lurking with enemies. Anderson simply hoped that this mission wouldn’t end the same way.

Mathews checked his omni-tool for the direction of the artifact’s beacon signal. At a fork in the tracks he stopped; the needle pointed at the derailed train under the edge of the tunnel leading towards the English Channel.

“This way,” Mathews gave out the order then dashed off fearlessly. The troop filed into the tunnel after him. Anderson picked up the pace moving toward the middle of the group to talk to Carter.

“One thing I can’t figure out is why we’re going into the subway to recover the artifact. I thought it was being flown into London,” Anderson posited.

Carter explained, “The artifact was too valuable to risk air transport into a militarized zone. Instead it was diverted to France and came to London by train.”

“But why bring it here in the first place? Why not somewhere else?” Anderson asked.

To Carter it seemed he asked too many questions, “You’re going to have to ask Hackett about that. I don’t have the clearance to know that kind of information,” which was a lie.

Anderson knew when he was being lied to, “Next time then, I’ll ask him. Either that, or maybe if things go to shit because I’m being kept in the dark we’ll find out soon on our own.”

“I can tell you this,” Cater proffered, “the engineers I spoke to about it believed the artifact to belong to the Inusannon.”

Anderson couldn’t believe it, the Inusannon race predated the Protheans. Both species became masters of the galaxy through space flight on the principle of the Mass Effect. It was long believed that the Protheans learned to master the mass effect through studying Inusannon relics. Much like the species in the current cycle studied the Prothean relics. But both the Inusannon and the Prothean civilizations were wiped out by the Reapers in the previous cycles.

Anderson was nothing short of astonished, “But that would make it…”

Carter finished his sentence, “Over 127,000 years old.”

Anderson took a minute to process the limited information. Whatever the artifact was, Hackett believed it to be important to the battle in London. But the Inusannon! He thought. Their technology was rumored to bend the very fabric of space and time. More-so than conventional Mass Effect tech could theoretically produce. The Alliance’ possession of such a relic proposed a fascinating mystery. Where did it come from? And what did it do? Anderson thought. In any case, Anderson would have plenty of time to wonder en-route to the objective.

About 10 minutes later Mathews stopped short of a train wreck in the distance. He pulled out his night vision monocular to get a better look, the train had derailed and leaned against the wall, as if it had simply lost power. There was no other visible form of damage. Mysteriously there was a faint light coming from inside the third car cabin.

“Move forward. Keep your heads down and stay sharp,” Mathews said and led them forward slowly. He reached the first car and climbed aboard. Nervously he kept his rifle ready, pacing left and right down the length of the car. At the end he turned around, it was empty. Anderson ordered the rest of the group to secure the perimeter outside the train before he climbed aboard following Mathews. The rest of the troops fanned out around the wreck on the tracks under Major Carter’s lead. Mathews pulled on the door and moved between the first car to the second. Nervously he paced across this car too, this time with Anderson at his back. The second car was empty as well. Completely empty; it was clear no one had been aboard during the crash, or so he thought.

At the door to the third car, with light shining through the window Mathews stopped and looked at Anderson for direction.

“You open the door and I’ll give you cover,” Anderson said.

Mathews nodded; he stood to the side and opened the door in one fell swoop. Anderson held his rifle at the ready. The glowing blue light flooded the second car casting a large shadow off of Anderson creating a silhouette on the ceiling behind him. What the hell is this? Anderson thought after being  blinded momentarily by the light shimmering off the artifact. He slowly walked up to it and circled around the device in the middle of the car. It was about 3 quarters of a meter, cubic in size. It levitated military devices: data-pads, ammo clips, and pistols in the air. So there had been people aboard. Anderson thought; but he hadn’t a clue as to where they had gone. The artifact itself was unlike anything Anderson had ever seen. He leaned down towards the unit on his knees, it made a low hum singing a high pitch. On the top of the device, it looked like a bowl caved in and in it shaped hole in the center. Through the hole were two rings that spun counter to each other that generated the light. To Anderson it looked like the rings that spun around the Mass Relays generating their energy; but in this artifact he wondered if it could be the same, only smaller. Mathews stood in wonder thinking many of the same things. The machine seemed to draw on its own energy. Within the open outer frame it had at least a thousand moving pieces. It was dazzling to watch and looked much more dangerous to touch. For what it was, it looked futuristic for being so old.  Anderson spotted some markings on the bottom of the machine that he couldn’t recognize.

“Mathews, what are you recording on your omni-tool?” Anderson asked the Cadet.

“A bunch of things, light emissions, energy output, audio, video,” Mathews said.

Anderson cut him off short, “Is it radioactive?”

“No sir. No radioactivity on spectrum,” said Mathews.

Anderson carefully touched the symbols with his fingers, they seemed raised, like buttons. Anderson pressed them one at a time, hoping it seemed to find an off button. It made Mathews a little uneasy watching Anderson meddle with unknown device. He chose not to watch and slid by Anderson carefully, ducking under the floating debris, to get to the end of the 3rd car. Mathews looked out the rear window before opening the door.

“Uh, sir!” Mathews said getting Anderson’s attention. Anderson looked up to see through the open door. The latter half of the 4th train car was sheered completely off from the rest of the train that was stuck somewhere deep inside the tunnel under the English Channel. Neither Anderson nor Mathews had any idea what caused the train to break apart as it did; but instead of wondering, Anderson focused on completing the mission.

“Lieutenant, help me lift this thing,” Anderson said getting to his feet. Just then, the barrel of his rifle knocked against the device. In an instant a pulse of energy shot down out of the weapon and the heat sink popped out red hot.

“What the hell!” Anderson jumped back, startled by the bang and the flash. The artifact whirred to a stop, the light it emitted faded and all the items floating in the car dropped at once to the floor.

Carefully Anderson ejected the clip from his rifle and reloaded.

“What are we going to do with this?” Mathews asked.

Anderson folded his weapon onto his back, “We’re going to carry it,” he said.

“Carry it sir?” Mathews questioned, a little weary of the magical relic.

“We have our orders. Now help me with it,” Anderson bent down to grab the base. It surprised Anderson how light it was for what he had guessed; but it still required two people to carry it.

“What do you suppose this is made out of?” Mathews asked heaving it up.

“Probably the same material that built the mass relays,” Anderson said, “that would be my guess.”

Mathews started moving forward. “No, no,” Anderson interjected, “out the back. It’ll be easier to get down.”

They carried it to the edge of the torn rail car and set it down. When it hit the floor the unexpected happened, the artifact let out a giant burst of energy in some form of a Mass Effect field that knocked Mathews and Anderson clear off the broken train and flat on their backs on the tracks below. From far beyond in the tunnel behind them, a rumbling roar of growls echoed out.

“What the hell was that?” Mathews asked clamoring to his feet.

“I don’t know,” Anderson said springing onto his feet yet again, “but I’m not waiting around to find out, help me pick it up. Quickly.”

“Are we going to have to carry it the whole way back?” Mathews asked.

“We’ll trade off between soldiers,” Anderson said, “someone wearing heavy armor might be able to carry it alone.”

“Then we should hand it off to someone wearing heavy armor,” Mathews said.

Anderson and Mathews neared the rest of the group.

“Hey,” Anderson shouted getting their attention. “We need someone with heavy armor to carry this,” he said.

“I am sir!” one of the female cadets stood out from the crowd moving towards them.  Carters thought at that time to explain why they were all gathered together at the front instead of guarding the train.

“When we saw that blast sir, we thought there might be an explosion,” Carters said.

“Now’s not really the time Colonel,” Anderson said handing off the artifact with Mathews to the female cadet. In the hand-off the artifact let out another pulse of energy drawn from her armor to the device.

“What just happened?” Anderson asked.

“I think it’s draining my shields,” the female officer replied.

“It has a habit of draining energy from anything that touches it,” Major Carter explained.

“Now you see,” Anderson, looking pissed, started at Carter, “that’s the kind of information that would have been helpful to know before the mission!”

“I still have my armor sir,” the Cadet said, “and enough power to move. Just don’t expect me to absorb any bullets.”

“Can you still carry it?” Anderson asked concerned.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“Ok, let’s try not to have anymore accidents,” Anderson said. From behind Anderson, he heard noises growing louder from deep in the tunnel. He turned around suddenly and looked. Squinting he could make out faint blue lights, lights like the eyeballs of synthetics stared back at him approaching from the distance.

Anderson shouted to the entire party, “Everybody move now!”

Chapter 7: Ghosts From Shadows Past

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