Shepard – “On second thought. You should go.”

Anderson – “Exactly my thoughts.”

Shepard – “Wait really?”

Anderson – “I’ve been in this fight from the start Shepard. I’d appreciate the opportunity to end it. Besides I have the least to lose.”

Shepard  – “What about you and Kahlee Sanders?”

Anderson – “That ship sailed long ago. Besides if we’re talking about futures, your candle’s brighter. Go,” Takes the mask, “I’ve got this.”

Hackett – “We’ll pull you out of there when you’re done Anderson. One way or another . . . “

Shepard – “EDI Send me the evac coordinates.

EDI – “Roger Commander.”

Shepard – “Well, if you make it back you can join me and Garrus for a round of drinks.”

Anderson – “That depends on who’s buying.”

Shepard – “Garrus is.”

Anderson – “Sounds like a good time. Now get out of here. That’s an order.”

Shepard and the team leave. Anderson fastens his breathing mask and punches a few buttons on the control panel. Then the platform beneath him raises him up towards the external hull. He takes 3 steps before hearing a noise that disturbs him. He looks behind quickly but sees nothing. Then Hackett comes in again over the radio.

Hackett – “Anderson we’re picking up a single Sovereign class Reaper bearing down on your position.”

Anderson – “Roger that. What about Shepard and the team?”

Hackett – “We picked them up safely. Listen, we’re gonna engage the Reaper to give you more time.”

Anderson – “Joker don’t listen to him. Just get the hell out of here.”

Shepard – “Negative Admiral. I didn’t send you out there just to abandon you.  Joker can fly the Normandy in evasion patterns at limit. It’s not his first time dodging Reaper ordinance.”

Joker – “Way to lay the pressure on me Commander.”

Shepard – “We’re also sending a squadron of fighters to patrol your route to the objective.”

Hackett – “We’ll keep your path clear just get it done David.”

Anderson – “Understood. Anderson out.”

Anderson sprints forward at full speed still 200 meters from his target. Meanwhile the Normandy zips by overhead from Anderson’s right toward the approaching Reaper on his left. The Normandy stares down Harbinger in this galactic game of chicken.

Shepard – “Do we have a target?”

EDI – “Target locked.”

Garrus – “Dodge this you son of a bitch!”

With that, all the hours of intense calibration, hardwireing and rerouting are put to good use by a volley from the Normandy’s giant gun.

Joker – “Everybody hang on!!!”

Joker rolls the Normandy left of Harbinger as the Volley hits the Normandy narrowly misses contact with the massive ship. Even a scrape would have ripped the Normandy apart. Any other pilot couldn’t have made a maneuver like that. But Joker isn’t any other pilot.

Anderson – “That was close Joker. . . Dammit Joker come in!”

Anderson’s audio is getting through but Harbinger is blocking communication from the Normandy back to Anderson. With no response he gives up on communicating for the moment and as he nears the control panel he sees the silhouette of a figure. Drawing his weapon, Anderson sees the figure more clearly.

Anderson – “Illusive man?”

Harbinger – “No!”

Anderson – “Who are you?”

Harbinger – “I am Harbinger. I am the Vanguard of your destruction.

Anderson – “You’ve been indoctrinated.”

Harbinger – “It was only a matter of time before his indoctrination was complete.”

Anderson – “Just like Saren.”

Harbinger – “Just like you.”

Anderson – “Fat chance.”

Harbinger – “It’s only a matter of time.”

Anderson – “I don’t think so. Normandy if you can hear me, I’ve got an enemy blocking my path. Light him up.”

The fighter squadron reigns down upon Harbinger a cluster of bombs. The Illusive Man’s Reaper upgrades although tough are no match for the ordinance. Unfortunately so is the console.

Shepard – “Anderson can you hear me? Something was interfering with communication.”

Anderson – “I’m here Shepard,  good work on that aerial strike.”

Shepard – “You’re welcome, listen Anderson can you arm the Crucible?”

Anderson – “The console’s been blown to hell. I don’t think it’s possible anymore.”

EDI – “Actually, from the schematics, it may be possible to complete the mission. Go to where the console used to stand look underneath the outer hull.”

Anderson – “Uh-huh! I’m looking at it. There’s two wires, cut and they may be live.”

EDI – “You need to join the wires to activate the Crucible.”

Anderson grabs the wires by the shielding.

Anderson – “They’re not moving and I don’t have anything to join them with. Unless.”

Shepard – “Unless what?”

Anderson – “Unless I complete the connection.”

Shepard – “Anderson you’re not thinking of.”

Anderson – “Shepard, don’t talk me out of this. There’s a war to be won. Tell Kahlee, tell her I did this for her.”

Shepard – “Anderson NO!”

Anderson throws his body between the two wires, completing the connection. The wild energy rips across his body.

Joker – “I’m picking up extreme energy fluctuations from the Crucible. I recommend we evade.”

Hackett – “Take us to a safe distance.”

Shepard – “You’re not really leaving him?”

Hackett – “We don’t have a choice.”

Shepard looks out the window at the Crucible shrinking behind them as the Normandy speeds away. Thinking about the burden of command and living with the consequences.

Shepard – “You’re a credit to the uniform Anderson.”

Hackett – “Send a message to the fleet and to all ground units. The Crucible is ready to fire.”

Joker – “Aye sir.”

The Crucible charges a massive amount of energy into each of the Citadel arms before firing its payload. The energy enveloped everything in the Sol system overloading the Reaper’s Mass Effect cores igniting the internal power distribution architecture.

(Player Dependant Consequences)

If your galactic readiness rating is below 3500 click HERE now.

Due to the Crucible’s careful construction and precise engineering by: The Quarrians and Geth, The Rachni, Kennith and Gabby’s innovation, Jacob Taylor and the Ex-Cerberus scientists, Miranda Lawson and Conrad Verner’s dissertation.
The Crucible was able to channel its energy through the Mass Relays without destroying them. Had the engineers made a single mistake the consequences of the Crucible’s uncontrolled energy would have been devastating.

Shepard viewing the Galaxy map.

Shepard – “It’s a goddamn miracle. Reaper forces are being decimated everywhere.”

Hackett – “This victory came at a huge cost, larger than most, but we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.”

Shepard – “Anderson was a great Admiral.”

Hackett – “He was the best. And a damn good friend.”

EDI – “I’m picking up readings from Anderson’s suit. No life signs.”

Hackett – “So it’s official. Have Dr. Chakwas declare a time of death.”

Shepard – “We should probably recover his body for burial.”

Hackett – “Have joker set a course. I’ll be in the Captains quarters I need some time to myself. You have the bridge Commander.”

Shepard – “Aye sir.”

[Captains Quarters]

Hackett – “Kahlee, I have some unsettling news for you. You may want to sit down.”

Sanders – “What is it?”

Hackett – “Anderson died in the line of duty arming the Crucible.”

Sanders – “Oh god! No.”

Hackett – “His last words were, ‘tell Kahlee I did this for her.’ (she begins sobbing) Kahlee, he died a hero. And he’ll be buried with a hero’s accolades.”

Sanders – “You’ve recovered his body.”

Hackett – “I’m afraid that’s the only good news we have. Listen Kahlee, I lost a good friend today, I’m really sorry for your loss.”

Sanders – “Thank you. Thank you for telling me sooner.”
One week later. At Admiral Anderson’s funeral aboard the U.S.S. Arlington.

Hackett – “We’re gathered here today as: friends, allies and brethren in combat to honor the service of the Alliance’s finest Admiral, David Anderson. Anderson was a true Hero of the galaxy in the war against the Reaper threat. We will never forget his heroism and sacrifice, purchased at the highest cost possible asked of any serviceman. We have all lost many service-men and women in this fight but few of the Admiral’s cunning, courage and dedication to the cause. Today we mourn the loss this represents to the galaxy as we bury its most distinguished hero. The David Anderson Medal of Valor will honor all heroes that left a lasting mark on the galaxy. And with those honored, the medal will serve as a reminder of his memory so that it may live on and never be forgotten by time.”

He steps down from the podium. Bagpipes play as a 21 gun salute fires blanks into the air: Sheppard, Garrus and Vega are among them honoring the deceased. Until finally the empty but highly decorated coffin is launched out of the torpedo bay, into space.

Asari Councilor – “Excellent speech Admiral.”

Hackett – “It was the hardest I’ve ever delivered.”

Asari Councilor – “I’m sure it was. Listen I didn’t come by just to tell you my thoughts on the eulogy. I wanted to talk to you something that’s urgent in nature.”

Hackett – “What is it Councilor?”

Asari Councilor – “Before I do I want your express promise that this information will stay between you and me.”

Hackett – “I can’t promise anything, I’m not a politician.”

Asari Councilor – “Oh but you are Admiral. Whether you know it or not, Udina’s vacancy leaves you next in line.”

Hackett – “Cut to the chase Councilor.”

Asari Councilor – “Ok. No doubt you are aware that Commander Shepard discovered a Prothean beacon on Thessia that the Asari have kept quietly hidden from the galactic community.”

Hackett – “Yes I was.”

Asari Councilor – “But were you also aware that we had copies of the information stored in the beacon.”

Hackett – “No I wasn’t.”

Asari Councilor – “I’m not going to lie to you Admiral but if word that the Asari have been hoarding a Prothean beacon for centuries got out, well let me just say we’d be in very hot water.”

Hackett – “And what do you want me to do about it?”

Asari Councilor – “When the press asks the Commander to weigh in on the issue we want Shepard to publicly denounce any knowledge about the beacon. In exchange you will receive a copy of the files. And should you consider the position open to you on the Council I will vocalize my support.”

Hackett – “In case you didn’t notice Councilor, Shepard Commanded a multi-species team. What are you going to do if one of them speaks out about it.”

Asari Councilor – “Let me worry about them. So Admiral is our offer equitable?”

Hackett – “No it isn’t. You violated Galactic law and now you want me to help cover your ass. I’m not in any position to accepts such an asinine proposition of bribery. Do you realize all I have to do is tell the Salarian and Turrian Councilors about this little meeting and they’ll practically hand me a seat. No matter how you spin it, you screwed up.”

Asari Councilor – “If you do that I’ll simply say that you approached me with the idea.”

Hackett – “Perhaps, but I don’t care about that. You know what the worst part is? Your political play interrupted a day of mourning. Take that message back to your leaders. I’m done here.”