[Epilogue] The Moment That Hell Broke Loose.

You’re receiving this ending because you chose to “Send Anderson” AND did not have a high enough EMS score and did not recruit enough engineers to work on the Crucible. Not because you selected, Red, Blue or Green ending but because your choices matter. Sending Anderson does not magically change the Crucible’s construction. If you are not satisfied with the ending you receive work harder and replay the game until you qualify for one of the other 4 endings.

Joker – “I’m picking up extreme energy fluctuations from the Crucible. I recommend we evade.”

Hackett – “Take us to a safe distance.”

Shepard – “You’re not really considering leaving?”

Hackett – “We don’t have a choice.”

Shepard – “So that’s it. We’re just going to leave him behind.”

Hackett – “Unless you’ve forgotten something Anderson threw himself into the fire so we could have this chance. I’m not putting the Normandy in harm’s way to rescue him.”

Shepard – “This is Admiral Anderson we’re talking about. We should be willing to risk our lives on the chance.”

Hackett – “Show a little more respect Commander. He was much more than a credit to the uniform. And I’m sorry we ran out of time. But we’re not changing course just because you feel a little remorse. You made your decision, now you have to live with the consequences. Joker please send a message to the fleet and to all ground units. The Crucible is ready to fire.”

Joker – “Aye sir.”

The Crucible charges a massive amount of energy into each of the Citadel arms before firing its payload. The energy envelopes everything in the Sol system overloading the Reaper’s Mass Effect cores and igniting the Reaper’s internal power distribution architecture. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the blue-print the best engineers the Alliance could muster could not account for every possible failure in the design.

The Crucible was able to channel its energy through the Mass Relays but not without destroying them. Had the engineers had more experience and access to the Galaxy’s larger breadth of technical experts they may have been able to see potential flaws in the design before the War with the Reapers reached Zero Hour.

And Anderson, Anderson is dead.

Joker – “All thrusters down. I’ve lost attitude control. No response coming from main engineering.”

Shepard getting off the elevator – “That’s because there’s no one left in engineering.”

EDI – “The core overloaded and flushed through the lower decks.”

Shepard – “We’ve just lost half the crew.”

Hackett viewing the Galaxy map.

Hackett – “It’s a goddamn miracle. Reaper forces are being decimated everywhere in the system.”

Shepard – “Any word from outside.”

Hackett – “No, the Mass Relay was overloaded. We’re not getting any signal from beyond the system.”

Shepard – “So we have no way of knowing if the Crucible had any affect in other systems. Can we even repair the Relay?”

Hackett – “Those things are tough but not invincable. There’s no way of knowing how bad the damage is just from our sensors.”

Shepard – “Dammit we have alien fleets stranded here. This victory came at a huge cost. More than we ever expected but at least we’re alive.”

Shepard – “Dammit, why did Anderson have to die? Why couldn’t it have been me?”

Hackett – “You made the call and he died in the Service of the Alliance. Anderson is more than a credit to the uniform and will be remembered as such.”

Shepard – “I’ve lost too many good men and women in this war. I was hoping he wouldn’t be among them.”

Joker – “Message coming in from the Turian Primarc.”

Victus – “Admiral what’s your status? Our fleets are badly damaged and we’re treating the wounded. Are you in trouble? Do you need assistance?”

Hackett – “No, the Normandy is disabled but we’re not in any immediate danger. Have you gotten any word from the Asari? I’m not getting any response to any of my hails.”

Victus – “No I have not. Not at the moment. I’ll be sending an envoy to make contact with their capitol ship.”

Hackett – “So will I. Oh and Primarc I’m sending you the coordinates to the Alliance dry docks that are still operational on the planet surface.”

Victus – “We’ll need to co-ordinate alternating schedules. From the look of what’s left your docks are going to be backed up for months. Maybe years.”

Hackett – “Then lets hope we can get the Sol Relay operational again. Hackett out.”

Victus – “It would be the first.”

Shepard – “Do you think the Turians and the Asari have any idea how to repair a relay?”

Hackett – “I hope so. Earth couldn’t feed the remainder of their fleets on its best day.”

Shepard – “Then I hope their food stocks last the winter.”

EDI – “Admirals! I’ve been scanning the location where Shepard activated the console. There’s signs of blast damage, but no body.”

Hackett – “So it’s official. Have Dr. Chakwas declare a time of death. I’ll be in the Captains quarters I need some time to myself. You have the bridge Commander.”

Sheppard – “Aye sir.”

[Captains Quarters]

Hackett – “Kahlee, I have some unsettling news for you. You may want to sit down.”

Sanders – “What is it?”

Hackett – “Anderson died in the line of duty arming the Crucible.”

Sanders – “Oh god! No.”

Hackett – “His last words were, ‘tell Kahlee I did this for her.’ (she begins sobbing) Kahlee, he died a hero. And he’ll be buried with a hero’s accolades.”

Sanders – “You’ve recovered his body?”

Hackett – “I’m afraid not. The only good news I have is that there’s a service planned in his honor aboard the U.S.S. Arlington next week. Listen Kahlee, I lost a good friend today, I’m really sorry for your loss.”

Sanders – “Thank you. Thank you for telling me sooner.”

One week later. At Admiral Anderson’s funeral aboard the U.S.S. Arlington.

Hackett – “We’re gathered here today as: friends, allies and brethren in combat to honor the service of the Alliance’s finest Admiral, David Anderson. Anderson was a true Hero of the galaxy in the war against the Reaper threat. We will never forget his heroism and sacrifice, purchased at the highest cost possible asked of any serviceman. We have all lost many service-men and women in this fight but few of the Admiral’s cunning, courage and dedication to the cause. Today we mourn the loss this represents to the galaxy as we bury its most distinguished hero. The David Anderson Medal of Valor will honor all heroes that left a lasting mark on the galaxy. And with those honored, the medal will serve as a reminder of his memory so that it may live on and never be forgotten by time.”

He steps down from the podium. Bagpipes play as a 21 gun salute fires blanks into the air: Sheppard, Garrus and Vega are among them honoring the deceased. Until finally the empty but highly decorated coffin is launched out of the torpedo bay, into space.

After the service the Asari Counsilor speaks to Admiral Hackett.

Asari Councilor – “Excellent speech Admiral.”

Hackett – “It was the hardest I’ve ever delivered.”

Asari Councilor – “I’m sure it was. Listen I didn’t come by just to tell you my thoughts on the eulogy. I wanted to give you something that’s urgent in nature.”

Hackett – “What is it Councilor?”

Asari Councilor – “Before I do I want your express promise that this information will stay between you and me.”

Hackett – “I can’t promise anything, I’m not a politician.”

Asari Councilor – “Oh but you are Admiral. Whether you know it or not, Udina’s vacancy leaves you next in line.”

Hackett – “Cut to the chase Councilor.”

Asari Councilor – “Ok. No doubt you are aware that the Asari have kept a Prothean beacon on Thessia quietly hidden from the galactic community.”

Hackett – “Yes I was.”

Asari Councilor – “But were you also aware that we had copies of the information stored in the beacon. And that this information could be used to repair the Sol Relay.”

Hackett – “No I wasn’t.”

Asari Councilor – “Well we need your help to get home. And we’re willing to share the information with you. But we ask that you do not share this knowledge with the other council races. That also means we never had this conversation.”

Hackett – “And if we don’t.”

Asari Councilor – “The fleets are getting restless Admiral. How long can they stay in one place before they get violent?”

Hackett – “You’re bluffing. Last I checked your race was among the damaged. If you withhold any information. And I mean any. Your ships will be among the last to be repaired and through the relay. Am I understood?”

Asari Councilor – “Perfectly.”

Hackett – “You know what the worst part is? Your political play interrupted a day of mourning. Take that message back to your leaders. I’m done here.”