*Withdraw Fleet.

Sheppard – “The Crucible is a bust Admiral. You should withdraw the fleets now.”

Hackett – “Acknowledged commander. You gave it your best shot.”

Anderson – “Well I’m going dammit. Someone has to reach the control panel.”

Hackett – “It’s too late Anderson we can’t protect the Crucible any longer.
if we pull our ships back now we can lure the Reapers into the thick of it
and detonate the energy core. But we need to get you out of there.”

Anderson – “Damn it, it’s just that for all the people on the ground the Crucible was our only hope.

Sheppard – “It could still turn the tide of the battle Anderson.”

Anderson – “I know that it just feels wrong to abandon it now.”

Sheppard – “Get us evac Admiral, we’re done here.”

Hackett – “I’ll be picking you up myself. Hackett out.”

The Normandy picks the team up before retreating behind a line of Alliance dreadnoughts leaving the Crucible open to Reaper attacks. As moths to a flame a swarm of Reapers target the Crucible. As soon as the Reapers are within range Hackett gives the order.

Hackett – “EDI Hotwire the core to detonate.”

EDI – “Core activation in progress.”

Hackett – “Exactly how much time do we have.”

EDI – “Precisely 1 minute 20 seconds.”

Hackett – “Send a message to the fleets to run this flight pattern. I want to lure as many Reapers to their deaths as possible.”

Sheppard – “I don’t mean to throw a wrench in the plan Admiral but EDI is it possible the Reapers will detect the overload and escape?”

EDI – “Negative. I’m confident with 80% accuracy that the Reapers will anticipate the energy buildup as the Crucible firing its payload. It is likely that they will flock to the Crucible in order to destroy it before it activates.”

Anderson – “Like lambs to the slaughter.”

Sheppard – “I wouldn’t call them lambs.”

Anderson – “It’s just a figure of speech.”

EDI was right. The Reapers did flock to the Crucible and in high numbers. Many of them left the fighting on Earth to attack the Crucible in space.
The flight patterns Hackett designed led the Reapers to believe that the Alliance was still defending the Crucible. It was all going according to plan. Until 20 seconds before detonation.

Sheppard – “What is he doing.”

EDI – “He’s scanning the Crucible.”

Anderson – “Who is?”

EDI – “The Reaper identified as . . . ”

Sheppard – “Harbinger.”

Harbinger growls.

EDI – “He’s completed the scan.”

Joker – “He’s on the move.”

Sheppard – “He’s getting away.”

The Crucible explodes with unprecedented force. Unexpectedly the Dark Energy in its core formed an unstable black hole that quickly collapsed in on itself taking with it a massive number of Reapers.
Except for Harbinger.

EDI – “We’re being pursued.”

Joker – “Message coming in.”

EDI – “It’s a Reaper frequency. I recommend against receiving it.”

Joker – “Too late I can’t stop it.”

Harbinger – “Sheppard.”

Sheppard – “Harbinger.”

Harbinger – “You think you’ve won today. But know this, your kind is not safe Sheppard. As long as I live, I will hunt you and leave a wake of devastation in my path.”

Sheppard – “On the contrary. I will hunt you to the edge of the galaxy. I will catch you and I will kill you. Like Sovereign and all your kind that died today.”

Harbinger – “You can try Sheppard but you will pay dearly. Our numbers are still strong, this war isn’t over.”

Anderson – “You bet your Reaper ass it’s not. Sheppard is right, we will hunt you down. The united galactic fleets will hunt you down and Sheppard will be at the head of that fleet kicking your ass back into dark space.”

Harbinger – “We shall see.”

Joker – “He’s gone. Just passed through the relay. I couldn’t track his destination.”

Hackett – “It makes no difference now for once in the history of the galaxy we have the Reapers on the run. Those remaining in the Sol system are fleeing through the relay. We’ve won this battle when we’re ready for the next Sheppard will lead the charge.”

Sheppard – “Then strap yourselves in, the fight’s not over yet.”


2 Weeks later. At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavillion. Shepperd sits at the bar with Wrex and Garrus.

Dr. Chakwas stands up from the corner table, sharing a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy with Admiral Hackett. At the adjacent table is Anderson with Kahlee Sanders.

Dr. Chakwas – “Glad you could make it commander.”

Sheppard – “Save some of that Brandy for me.”

Dr. Chakwas – “I’ll just buy another bottle.”

People laugh.

Garrus – “Commander have a drink, take a load off.”

Sheppard motions to the bar tender to pour a drink and taking a sip says,

Sheppard – “Well we did it Garrus, we took back Earth.”

Garrus – “You took it back Sheppard because I was there and I had your back. What would you do without me.”

Wrex – “Probably save the galaxy all by himself. Although not at stylishly. Speaking of which. I like the scenery. It reminds me of home.”

Wrex is referring to the piles of Reaper rubble adorning the beach.

Sheppard – “Well it’s gonna take some work but we took Earth back.”

Wrex – “Don’t be modest, you did all the work. It was just fun to be along for the ride. And the best part is after a little vacation we get to hunt down Harbinger.”

Sheppard – “I admit. It’s fun to have a Reaper on the run for a change.”

Anderson – “Here-Here!”

Garrus – “To Commander Sheppard!”

Sheppard – “No, I couldn’t have done it without you. All of you. I’d like to raise a toast to the Heroes of the Normandy, the Alliance and the Galaxy at large. Here’s to all who died fighting the Reapers and lastly. May we chase down Harbinger and kill him like the dog he is.  Here’s to our friends. Our lovers. Our comrades in arms, Cheers!”

Crowd – “CHEERS!”

[End Credits.]