Anderson – “Shepard! Shepard!”

Kaidan – “I found him. Hang on Shepard we’ll get you out of there.”

Anderson – “Thank god you’re all right son. Wrex come help us get this off of him.”

Wrex – “You mean to say Hey Krogan lift this half ton wreck of a Mako off the hero.”

Kaidan – “You mean the Mako was a wreck before it got hit with a giant laser cannon?”

Wrex – “It was, don’t you remember Garrus had to spent all that time . . .  just calibrating it. There its off of ya.”

Shepard – “Thanks Wrex.”

Wrex – “My pleasure.”

Anderson – “Wreck or not that Mako just saved your life. Here, I found your gun. Let’s get moving.”

Shepard – “Thanks. Let’s get to the conduit.”

Wrex – “Marauder!”

Wrex fires his Crusader X at its head.

Kaidan – “Headshot! That’s all of them.”

Wrex – “I love this gun. Pierced right through that Marauder’s Shields.”

Anderson – “One lone hero isn’t the last of the fight to be had. Alright everybody stay alert. On three we jump in the beam. One . . . Two . . . THREE.”

[The Citadel]

Anderson – “Are you alright? Is everybody here?”

Shepard – “I’m here.”

Kaidan – “I landed in a pile of goo I’d rather forget I’d ever seen. But I’m ok.”

Wrex – “This place is a dump. Looks worse than Tuchanka. On a bad day.”

Anderson – “Looks exactly how you described the collector base in your reports Shepard.”

Shepard – “Yeah but this is a lot worse than that. There’s a lot more blood here.”

Wrex – “Sometimes I forget you were in a fight without me Shepard. From what Grunt told me. Wish I’d been there.”

Shepard – “No you don’t Wrex. Fighting the Collectors was a suicide mission.”

Wrex – “All the more reason for me to be there.”

*ambient creaking

Wrex – “I’m surprised there aren’t more enemies.”


Anderson – “Husks.”

Shepard – “You just had to open your mouth.”

Wrex – “Hey it’s not like the sound of my voice commands them out of thin air.”


Kaidan – “Oh no, that’s a Banshee.”

Wrex – “On second thought, I probably should have kept my mouth shut.”


Anderson – “That’s definitely a Brute. Maybe two.”

Kaidan –  “Ok, maybe if we move now we can slip by them before they notice us.”

Shepard – “Come on, you’re not afraid are you Kaidan? We’ve got Wrex it’s just like old times. Us against impossible odds. Right Wrex. Uh, Wrex.”

Wrex – “I’d rather not say anything.”


Anderson – “Enemies inbound. Cannibals.”

Shepard – “Everyone on the left.”

Kaidan – “Laying suppressing fire.”

On the radio* – “This is Admiral Hackett, did anyone make it to the Citadel?”

Anderson – “Hackett, this is Anderson. I’m here with Shepard, Alenko and Wrex. We’re under heavy fire. What’s the status of the battle outside?”

Hackett – “We’re holding the Reapers away from the Citadel and the Crucible but I don’t know for how much longer. It’s not a strategic position to hold. But if we withdraw we may win this with brute force. Shepard really delivered.”

Anderson – “Hold your fleet formations for now. There are still Reapers in other star systems. If this thing works we could take them all out.”

Hackett – “Agreed, but move fast. I need to know if the Crucible is viable before our numbers reach the tipping point. You have ten minutes at best. Hackett out.”

Anderson – “You heard the man lets go!”

The team pushes through the hallway mowing down wave after wave of Marauders, Cannibals and husks. As they reach the end of the hallway the large door opens.

Shepard – “Brute!”

Wrex – “RAWR, I’ve been waiting to use my blade.”

Wrex, a Krogan Vanguard, biotically charges the overconfident Brute as it swipes its hand through Wrex’s phased body, he rematerializes with his shotgun blade rammed into the jaw of the brute. Wrex then fires his gun into its skull.

Anderson – “I’ve never seen one of those taken down so quickly.”

Wrex – “A little technique I developed. Pro tip, if the first shot doesn’t kill. Keep firing.”


Kaidan – “Here come those banshees.”

Shepard – “Does anyone have grenades?”

Anderson – “I’ve got some.”

Shepard – “Give me one of those.”

Kaidan – “I’ve modified a few concussive rounds to act like a grenade launcher.”

Shepard – “Nice. Let’s get their barriers down fast. I want constant fire. When you reload. I’ll charge in.”

Wrex – “And I’ll be right behind you.”

Kaidan – “Wrex, I’ll be putting warp fields on the banshees.  If you detonate the fields we could take them down faster.”

Wrex – “That’s a good idea Kaidan.”


Garrus – “Two Banshees 12 O’clock.”

The Banshees charge in firing volleys of biotic strikes.

Kaidan – “Clips run through. Firing grenades.”

Anderson – “Grenades live.”

Kaidan hits them with precision shots to the head. The exploding rounds drop each of their barriers, draining their ability to charge forward. Anderson lobs a cluster of 3 grenades at their feet but the Banshees’ armor are still holding strong. Kaidan and Wrex alternate between Warp and Throw powers causing multiple biotic detonations. When they’ve worn down the Banshees a bit Wrex turns to Shepard and says,

Wrex – “It’s our turn now Shepard. Let’s go.”

Shepard charges the Banshees with his shotgun. Shepard modified the weapon to fire sub zero cryo rounds to slow his opponents and weaken thier armor. Shepard deals high damage while Wrex not far behind, fires an entire 4 round clip of his Crusader Shotgun into the head of one Banshee before his heavy melee slices through the torso ripping the abomination in half. Meanwhile, Shepard charges the other Banshee while cloaked with Anderson’s final grenade in hand and jams it into the Banshee’s shrieking mouth. Shepard rolls back and the grenade pops its head.

Wrex – “One of these days you’ve gotta teach me how to do that.”

Sheppard – “I’m afraid you’re just going to have to watch and learn Wrex.”

Anderson – “We’ve caught a break. Come on we don’t have much time left. Lets get the citadel arms open. Shepard we’ll need evac once we arm the Crucible.”

Shepard (on the radio) – “EDI I need you to monitor our suits internal microphones. I don’t know how long we’re going to take but as soon as we’re finished coordinate with Joker for extraction.”

EDI – “Roger Commander.”

[The control room]

Anderson – “There, that looks like the control panel.”

Wrex – “Wait, don’t rush in too quickly I smell trouble.”

Just then a group of Phantoms uncloaked around them.

Kaidan – “Great. We’re completely surrounded.”

The Illusive man – “Admiral Anderson. I have a proposition for you.”

Anderson – “Go to hell.”

Illusive Man – “Hear me out first Admiral. I can’t allow you to destroy the Reapers.”

Anderson – “I figured as much.”

Illusive Man – “You’d count me as a fool. But you’re wrong. I’ve worked very hard to get to this point before you destroyed what remains of Cerberus. With the help of the Prothean VI we recovered from Thessia we discovered a weakness in the Reapers’ code.”

Wrex – “A weakness we can use to destroy them?”

Illusive Man – “Not exactly.”

Anderson – “What exactly.”

Illusive Man – “My plan is a little more refined than that. With the right amplification we can control the Reapers, disable them and study their technology.”

Anderson – “Are you mad! Shepard warned me about you.”

Illusive Man – “Where is Shepard?”

Kaidan – “I don’t know, he was right behind me and then he wasn’t. I’m beginning to worry about him.”

Illusive Man – “It’s a pity. I would have liked to see him again. One last time.”

Anderson – “He doesn’t need to be here. Listen, the VI warned Shepard that you’ve been Indoctrinated.”

Illusive Man – “That’s preposterous!”

Anderson – “Hear me out. The VI said that 50,000 years ago the Prothean Empire split during the reaper invasion. The indoctrinated side believed they found a way to control the Reapers. But they couldn’t because the Reapers were controlling them. Any of this sound familiar?”

Illusive Man – “I’m aware of that.”

Anderson – “Well the point is that the Protheans were defeated because they couldn’t present a united front. Right now there’s a war going on outside and we have a chance to use the Crucible and win this war once and for all.”

Illusive Man – “And we will. Trust me Admiral, or don’t. Either way you’re wrong. Thanks to you, this cycle will be different. Humanity has completed the Crucible and Humanity will reap the benefits.”

Anderson – “It was a galactic coalition that made it a success.”

Kaidan – “Humans aren’t alone in the galaxy.”

Illusive Man – “Really Kaidan? I would have thought you would know better.”

Kaidan – “Shepard taught me otherwise.”

Illusive Man – “Enough talk, it’s time for action.”

The Illusive Man turns toward the console.

Anderson – “What are you doing?”

Illusive Man – “I’m opening the citadel arms. In a few minutes the Crucible will amplify the Reaper control signal and I’ll be in full control.”

Anderson – “And what will you do with that control?”

Illusive Man – “Exactly what Cerberus has been doing all along. Furthering Humanity’s interests. If you must know, I think Palavan and Thessia would make excellent Human colonies.”

Kaidan – “You wouldn’t dare.”

Wrex – “I’m insulted you didn’t count Tuchanka in that list.”

Illusive Man – “It’s only a matter of time.”

Wrex swipes his shotgun blade with the blade of a Phantom.

Wrex – “You give the word Admiral and these Phantoms are as good as dead.”

The Phantom in front of Anderson sticks its blade to his neck.

Illusive Man – “I’d like to see you try.”

Anderson – “He’s right we make one wrong move and we’ll be as good as dead.”

Kaidan – “We don’t have a lot of options.”

Anderson – “We just might have to chance it.”

Shepard – “That won’t be necessary.”

Shepard walks up behind the Illusive Man and points his gun directly to the back of his head.

Illusive Man – “Shepard, how did you get in here?”

Shepard – “The same way you did. Through the ventilation shaft.”

Illusive Man – “Shepard put down the gun.”

Shepard – “I can’t do that. Admiral Hackett gave me an order.”

The Illusive Man – “What order was that?”

Shepard – “Well his exact words were ‘Put a bullet in his head on sight.'”

With that Shepard pulls the trigger.


Anderson – “What took you so long?”

Wrex – “We were beginning to think you wouldn’t make it to the party.”

Shepard – “Sorry the air ducts are a maze.”

Kaidan – “Glad you could make it Shepard but I could use a little help with our little friends.”

Wrex (waiving his hand in front of a Phantom’s face)- “They don’t appear to be moving at all.”

Shepard – “They’re mostly robots now. With the Illusive Man dead I don’t think they know what to do.”

Wrex – “Better kill them anyway.”

Wrex proceeds to execute them with a shotgun blast to each face.

Shepard – “Well what do we do now?”

Anderson – “We’d better check in with Admiral Hackett. Hackett this is Anderson, come in.”

Hackett – “Anderson what’s your status? EDI was concerned a moment ago that you might have been compromised.”

Anderson – “We’re fine. Shepard took an alternate route and he saved our lives.”

Hackett – “And the Crucible?”

Anderson – “The Citadel arms are open. The Crucible can dock.”

Hackett – “Affirmative, it should only take a minute.”

Kaidan turns to Shepard.

Kaidan – “So this is it huh.”

Shepard – “Until I see every Reaper dead I’ll reserve my judgement.”

Wrex – “I’m with Shepard on that one.”

Anderson – “The Crucible’s docked.”

Hackett – “There seems to be a problem.”

Anderson – “What is it?”

Hackett – “The Crucible isn’t firing.”

Anderson – “Well give it time, it only docked a moment ago.”

EDI – “That isn’t the problem. It appears that control of the Crucible’s firing mechanism was originally intended to be routed to the central control panel in what used to be the Council Chambers.”

Anderson – “Dammit, that section is badly damaged, we can’t get to there.”

EDI – “Correct. In order to reroute control someone will have to access an external panel at the Crucible and Citadel Juncture.”

(Make a Choice. Reroute control at your own risk or withdraw fleet and chance a brute force victory *Warning 6000 effective war assets are needed for this victory. To withdraw the fleet click HERE. To reroute control keep reading.)

Endgame 1 *Reroute at Own Risk.

Shepard – “I’ll go.”

Kaidan – “Not so fast. I’m coming with you.”

Shepard – “No you won’t Kaidan. I’m going alone.”

Kaidan – “Why the hell not?”

Shepard – “Because I’m the only one who brought breathing equipment.”

Wrex – “She has a point. Still if you want Shepard I can try holding my breath. Krogan can last 10 minutes in a vacuum. 30 if we’re not moving.”

Shepard – “Thanks Wrex, but this is one mission I can do alone.”

Wrex – “Your call Shepard.”

EDI – “I’ve been looking further into the schematics of the juncture point. It is possible to arm the Crucible from there. If Shepard stays behind, I recommend a rendezvous for the other party members with the Normandy.”

Anderson – “You sure about this Shepard?”

(Paragon Choice “I’m sure.”: continue reading. Renegade Choice: click the link “Send Anderson.”)

Shepard – “I’m sure.”

Anderson – “Good luck.”

Hackett – “We’ll pull you out of there when you’re done Shepard. One way or another . . . ”

Anderson – “EDI Send me the evac coordinates.”

Wrex – “Don’t get lost out there Shepard.” (Paragon option shake his hand.)

Kaidan – “Shepard. I don’t like this one bit. I keep thinking, well my mind keeps thinking of all the ways I could lose you.”

Shepard – “I’m coming back Kaidan.”

Kaidan – “We don’t know that. For all we know you could end up dead. Listen I wish I had gotten to know you better sooner, I was really dense back when you first met me. The way I saw you talking to Ashley and Liara all the time, I had you pegged for some sort of ladies man. I’m glad I was wrong. Before you go I just want to say.” Kaidan looks over at Anderson.

Kaidan – “Listen we could both be court marshaled for what I’m about to say. But if you die I’ll never forgive myself for being too afraid to say it. No matter who’s listening. I love you.”

Shepard –  *Paragon option “I love you too Kaidan.” *Renegade option “Major have you lost your mind?”

Shepard –  “I love you too Kaidan.”

Kaidan – “I hope so because I’m not letting you leave without a kiss goodbye.” (*Paragon interrupt KISS HIM. *Renegade interrupt “For the last time leave me alone”)

Kaidan – “That was supposed to make it easier for me to leave. But instead it just made it a little harder.”

Shepard – “Then I suppose we should try it again.”  He kisses Kaidan again.

Kaidan – “Nope, that made it even worse. Should we try for a third time?”

Shepard – “Don’t push your luck.” He kisses Kaidan anyway.

Wrex – “And remember Shepard when we’re done here Garrus is buying us all drinks. So if you die out there, I’ll kill you myself. I’m not paying for my own beer.”

Shepard – “I’ll miss you too Wrex.”

Anderson – “So you and Alenko?”

Shepard – “I’m not going to make any excuses.”

Anderson – “You don’t have to Shepard. I always had a hunch. And Kaidan’s a good man, I’ve known him for a long time under my command. Do yourself a favor and stay alive out there.”

Shepard – “Thanks David. Now get out of here all of you.”

Kaidan follows behind Wrex and Anderson. Shepard fastens his breathing mask and punches a few buttons on the control panel. Then the platform beneath him raises him up towards the external hull. Shepard takes 3 steps before hearing a noise that triggers a flash of a Prothean memory. He looks behind him quickly but sees nothing. Then Hacket comes in again over the radio.

Hackett – “Shepard we’re picking up a single Sovereign class Reaper bearing down on your position.”

Shepard – “Harbinger!”

Hackett – “A likely guess.”

Shepard – “What about Anderson and the team?”

Hackett – “We just made the pickup. Listen, we’re gonna engage the Reaper to give you more time.”

Shepard – “Don’t bother, just get the hell out of here.”

Joker – “Negative commander. Hackett outranks you. Besides I’ll run evasive patterns at limit. It’s not my first time dodging Reaper ordinance plus now that we have EDI we’ll keep the Normandy safe.”

Shepard – “Admiral don’t engage Harbinger without backup.”

Hackett – “It’s not up for debate Commander, there’s no other ship within range that’s fast enough. The Normandy is the only ship that can harass the Reaper. Listen we’ll hold up our end of the bargain so you can hold up yours. Haul ass Commander that’s an Order.”

Shepard – “Aye sir.”

Hackett- “Hackett out.”

Shepard sprints forward at full speed still 200 meters from her target. Meanwhile the Normandy zips by overhead from Shepard’s right toward the approaching reaper on her left. The Normandy stares down Harbinger in this galactic game of chicken.

Joker – “Do we have a target?”

EDI – “Target locked.”

Garrus – “Dodge this you son of a bitch!”

With that, all the hours of intense calibration, hardwireing and rerouting are put to good use by a volley from the Normandy’s giant gun.

Joker – “Everybody hang on!!!”

Joker rolls the Normandy left of Harbinger as the Volley hits the Normandy narrowly misses contact with the massive ship. Even a scrape would have ripped the Normandy apart. Any other pilot couldn’t have made a maneuver like that. But Joker isn’t any other pilot.

Shepard – “That was close. Joker. . . Dammit Joker come in!”

Shepard’s audio is getting through but Harbinger is blocking communication from the Normandy back to Shepard. With no response he gives up on communicating for the moment, when he nears the control panel he sees the silhouette of a figure. Drawing his weapon, he sees the figure more clearly.

Shepard – “Illusive man?”

Harbinger – “No!”

Shepard – “Harbinger!”

Harbinger – “Don’t be surprised Shepard. It was only a matter of time before his indoctrination was complete.”

Shepard – “Just like Saren.”

Harbinger – “Just like you.”

Shepard – “I don’t think you can or you would have done it already.”

Harbinger – “It’s only a matter of time.”

Shepard – “I don’t think so. You had to radically alter the Protheans’ DNA in order to control them. I’m willing to bet the cipher makes it harder for you to control me.”

Harbinger – “Not by much.”

Shepard – “Listen as much as I enjoy our little reunions I have to activate the Crucible.”

Harbinger – “I can’t let you do that.”

Shepard – “Go figure. Hey you got here before me. How come you didn’t simply sabotage the console yourself?”

Harbinger – “I was in the middle of doing so when you interrupted me.”

Shepard – “No I think it’s more than that. The Prothean’s designed it. They must have safeguards that prevent the indoctrinated from using the Crucible.”

Harbinger – “You’re more clever than we anticipated. A mistake that we will not repeat. Your end is final. I will destroy you.”

Shepard – “Quite the opposite Harbie. You’re going down just like Sovereign and his puppet.”

Little did he know, Hackett broadcast the entire conversation to collective fleets.

Joker – “Voicecomm sent.”

Hackett – “I think that rose morale a few points.”

Wrex comments on the intercom from the med-bay, “I don’t know if the Reapers can feel fear, but if I were a Reaper and I heard that, I’d be scared shitless.”

Hackett – “Joker bring us arround for another attack.”

Joker – “Aye, Aye”

Hackett – “Garrus fire at will.”

Garrus – “I thought you’d never ask.”

They go at it in all out combat. Everything is on the line now, nothing held back. The Normandy broadcasting his suit audio live to the fleets, fully aware of every move Shepard makes in this critical fight. Shepard, knowing nothing of the battle overhead charges the husk of the Illusive man’s body which responds with super Human strength.

Harbinger – “This is no ordinary fight Shepard. I will destroy you.”

Shepard’s shields deflect a biotic volley.

Harbinger – “I know this hurts you.”

EDI – “Commencing emergency maneuvers.” EDI takes control of the Normandy and fiercely spins the port hull to deflect the majority of the Reaper weapon’s impact.

Joker – “Oh god I didn’t see that.”

EDI – “That’s why you have me.”

Hackett – “Damage report.”

(If you bought the cooling conduits for the Normandy.)

Adams – “Minimal hull damage. But drive output spiked if we hadn’t upgraded the thermal conduits everyone below the engineering deck would be dead.”

Hackett – “Keep up the fight.”

Then the Turrian Primarch comes in over the comms.

Victus – “Turrian fleet engaging Harbinger.”

Hackett – “Glad you could join us.”

Harbinger (husk) – “Your friends are weak. Even they cannot stop me.”

Shepard ducks behind cover as Harbinger throws endless volleys of biotic detonations. But remembering how Wrex took out the Brute in the corridors, he equips his shotgun blade. Preparing to charge him, Shepard looks up.

Hackett to the fleets – “Harbinger has landed on the Crucible. All ships do not let him fire his main gun. Repeat do not let him fire!”

Shepard thinks to himself – “This is it, this is the last charge I’ll ever make in this war. (Psychological choice Paragon option – “For the fallen. Time to make it count.” Renegade – “Time to kick some Reaper ass!”)

* Make it Count.

Shepard and Harbinger charge each other as the Earth stands still. The fate of the Galaxy boiled down to these few seconds. Resting in the hands of Shepard’s legacy . . .

is a shotgun and a 12 inch blade. Shepard cloaks and ducks left just under Harbinger’s arm’s reach. The monster swinging wildly, emptily from one side to another. Shepard sneaks up behind for an attack on the Illusive Man’s upgraded skull vs. Shepard’s blade. Peircing the skull from behind, Shepard’s blade won out.

Shepard – “That was for Kaidan.” Shepard fires a round. “That was for Thane.” another, “That was for Mordin.” another. Firing the last in his clip, “That was for Legion.”   Shepard drops the shotgun and powers up his omni-blade for his most powerful melee, “And this, THIS IS FOR EARTH!”

Shepard rips through the Reaper enhanced body with a devastating 5000 newtons, the severed torso flies off into space in pieces.

With the interference gone, Shepard hears Hackett on the com channel.

Hackett – “Hit him now, hit him with all you’ve got. Its shields are down. Its shields are down!”

Harbinger growls in his most menacing tone.

Shepard looks up at a Harbinger’s charging laser – “Hackett patch this through to the fleet, target the laser cannon. It’s the Reapers weakness.”

Harbinger growls directly at Shepard.

Shepard – “Target the LASER CANNON!”

Hackett – “You heard the man. Shoot it now.”

The allied fleets barrage the Reaper in the thickest fire every ships’ captains have ever seen. But Harbinger, the oldest and the largest of the Reapers stands in the midst of a sea of flames as hot and bright as the Sun.

Joker whips the Normandy around for its final run at the monster.

Joker – “This is for Gunney.” he slams the fire button. With Garrus’ targeting, the shot slams through Harbinger. The Reaper growls not from malice, but from pain. As Harbinger is blown to pieces the Reapers’ chatter grows into an uproar over his death.

Shepard runs for the Crucible’s console, inputting the final commands in the Prothean language. Shepard remembers Mordin, “It had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

[Epilogue] If your galactic readiness score is below 3500 click HERE now.

If you betrayed the Krogan click: Blood Rage.

Joker – “I’m picking up extreme energy fluctuations from the Crucible. I recommend we evade.”

Hackett – “Take us to a safe distance.”

Kaidan – “You can’t leave him!”

Hackett – “We don’t have a choice.”

Shepard – “It’s ok Kaidan. I knew the risks.”

Kaidan – “No it’s not ok. God I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you survive. We’ll be back for you.”

Shepard – “Kaidan, whatever happens, I love you.”

Kaidan – “I love you too.”

Hackett – “I’m sorry we ran out of time Shepard. You’re more than a credit to the uniform. Joker please send a message to the fleet and to all ground units. The Crucible is ready to fire.”

Joker – “Aye sir.”

The Crucible charges a massive amount of energy into each of the Citadel arms before firing its payload. The energy enveloped everything in the Sol system overloading the Reaper’s Mass Effect cores and igniting the Reaper’s internal power distribution architecture.

(Player Dependant Consequences)

If your galactic readiness score is below 3500 click HERE now.

Due to the Crucible’s careful construction and precise engineering by: The Quarrians and Geth, The Rachni, Kenneth and Gabby’s innovation, Jacob Taylor and the Ex-Cerberus scientists, Miranda Lawson and Conrad Verner’s dissertation.

The Crucible was able to channel its energy through the Mass Relays without destroying them. Had the engineers made a single mistake the consequences of the Crucible’s uncontrolled energy would have been devastating.

And Shepard, Shepard *Remains Alive (Keep reading). *Dies (Click link)

Shepard can be rescued from the Crucible in one of three ways: 1 Shepard brokered a lasting peace with the Geth. 2 Shepard saved the Rachni Queen twice. 3 alternatively: Shepard cured the Genophage and Grunt survived with Arlak Company.

If any ONE of these conditions are met Shepard lives. If none of these are met click HERE to see the ending where Shepard dies.

Anderson viewing the Galaxy map.

Anderson – “It’s a goddamn miracle. Reaper forces are being decimated everywhere.”

Hackett – “This victory came at a huge cost but we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.”

Anderson – “You could say that twice.”

EDI – “Admirals! I’m picking up life signs from Shepard’s suit.”

Kaidan – “Shepard’s alive.”

EDI – “but there’s a problem. Sensors say he’s entering Cardiac arrest.”

Kaidan – “Get him evac NOW!”

Hackett – “The closest unit to her position is a Geth Ship. They’re responding. They’re going to pull him out. Joker plot a course for the Geth ship, on the double!”

Joker – “Already set.”

Anderson – “Dr. Chakwas, prepare the medical bay for a patient. It’s Shepard.”

Dr. Chakwas – “Understood.”

The Normandy docks with the Geth ship. A Geth Prime walks through the airlock carrying Shepard and speeds down the hallway.

Prime – “Where are your medical facilities?”

Kaidan – “One deck down through the elevator. Follow me.” Fiddling with the elevator controls.

Kaidan – “Dammit, why won’t this elevator go faster? There isn’t anything you could do about that could you?”

Prime – “Tampering with vertical lift hardware in an attempt to accelerate it would be inadvisable.”

Kaidan – “Figures.”

Dr. Chakwas scrubs in for surgery. All non-essential personnel are evacuated from the medical bay. Kaidan and the Prime exit the elevator.

Kaidan – “Chakwas, Shepard’s badly hurt. But he’s going to be ok right? Just tell me you’ll make him all right.” Kerin looks at him sincerely.

Dr. Chakwas – “Kaidan, I’ll do everything in my power.”

Kaidan – “That’s what I need to hear.” Kaidan walks out just as Anderson disembarks the elevator. The Admiral says a few words with the Prime, thanking it for its service before it leaves the Normandy. Then Anderson turns to Kaidan.

Anderson – “Cut the bullshit son. We know you’re hurting.”

Kaidan – “Excuse me?”

Anderson – “Just because you put on a uniform and a strong attitude every morning is no reason to act like you’re tougher than your emotions. This is tearing you up inside and you won’t let it show.”

Kaidan – “With all due respect Sir. My emotions are none of your business . . .  Ack!” Kaidan’s L2 implant is starting to give him a splitting migraine.

Anderson – “On the contrary, you’ve become emotionally compromised with your superior officer. In violation of regulations. That makes it my business.”

Kaidan gritting his teeth – “The hell are you trying to get at?!”

Anderson – “I could throw you in the brig. Make you wait in there for months.”

Kaidan – “And what would that accomplish?”

Anderson – “Do you realise I could petition a judge so you two would never see each other again.” Anderson backs Kaidan against the wall.

Kaidan – “Are you trying to provoke me?”

Anderson – “No I’m dead serious about this. What the Hell were you thinking Major?”

Kaidan’s migraine gets worse,

Kaidan – “I wasn’t thinking.”

Anderson – “So was it just about a good time? A roll in the hay. You’re disgraceful.”

Kaidan getting angry,

Kaidan – “It was more than that! It was love. I loved him. I . . . I love him.”

Kaidan breaks down, fighting back the tears.

Kaidan – “I, I can’t.”

Anderson – “What can’t you do? You can’t help him? Is that why you can’t come clean?”

Kaidan leans his back against the wall and slides down. Sitting on the floor he says,

Kaidan – “I can’t lose him . . . I love him and I can’t lose him again.”

Anderson puts his hand around his shoulder – “I know. I’m sorry. I wish there was more that I could do . . . Listen I never told anyone this but when I was a young officer I was out on a post when a call came in from my father saying that my mother had died. Instead of grieving, I just pretended that I never received the call. Until one day my father calls me up again and says they just had the funeral for mom. I missed my mother’s own funeral. It may seem like you’re being strong for Shepard but in reality you’re simply denying yourself the ability to show him that you ever loved him. He deserves better than that. You deserve better than that.”

Kaidan crying – “What about the regs?”

Anderson – “Damn the regs. You and Shepard saved the galaxy. You’ve earned the right to bend a few rules here and there . . . I’m sorry I had to be so hard.”

Kaidan – “No it’s alright.”

Anderson – “Not it isn’t. I went too far.”

Kaidan – “Hey Anderson.”

Anderson – “Yeah kid?”

Kaidan – “Thanks for setting me straight.”

Anderson – “Anytime.”

Through the window the assistants continue attempting to resuscitate the commander. One of the attendants pulls the window shutters closed.

3 hours later Dr. Chakwas finally steps out of the Medical bay. To her surprise the entire crew of the Normandy is there waiting

Anderson breaks the silence.

Anderson – “What is it? How is he doing?”

Dr. Chakwas – “I’ve got good news. He’s going to make a full recovery.”

The crowd breathes a collective sigh of relief, followed by cheers and applause. Kaidan gets up and asks,

Kaidan – “Can I see him?”

Dr. Chakwas – “I’m sorry he’s in no condition for visitors. But if he wakes up I’ll come get you.”

Kaidan – “Thanks Kerrin.”

Dr. Chakwas – “My pleasure. We’ve all been through Hell and back for what seems like forever. It’s about time we all breathed a sigh of relief.”

Kaidan – “It’s still hard for me to believe it’s all over.”

Dr. Chakwas – “Shepard’s alive. I can’t think of a better symbol of victory than that.”

2 Weeks later. At a bar on Earth by the Ocean. The cool wind flowing through the open air pavilion. Shepard and Kaidan walk up to the bar and sit down next to Wrex and Garrus.

Dr. Chakwas stands up from the corner table, sharing a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy with Admiral Hackett. At the adjacent table is Anderson with Kahlee Sanders.

Dr. Chakwas – “Glad you could make it commander.”

Shepard – “Thanks to you I did.”

Dr. Chakwas – “Just doing my job Commander.”

Kaidan – “Well you gave me quite a scare.”

Shepard – “I would never break a promise to my boyfriend.”

Kaidan kisses him. Then Garrus says,

Garrus – “Hey Commander have a drink, take a load off.”

Kaidan turns to the bartender – “I’ll have an ale. What about you Shepard? Want anything?”

Shepard – “Sure I’ll have whatever’s in that blue and purple bottle.”

The bar tender pours him a drink. Taking a sip he says,

Shepard – “Well we did it Garrus, we took back Earth.”

Garrus – “You took it back Shepard because I was there and I had your back. What would you do without me?”

Wrex – “Probably save the galaxy all by himself. Although not at stylishly. Speaking of which. I like the scenery. It reminds me of home.”

Wrex is referring to the piles of Reaper rubble adorning the beach.

Shepard – “Well it’s gonna take some work but we took Earth back.”

Wrex – “Don’t be modest Shepard, you did all the work. It was just fun to be along for the ride.”

Garrus – “So what are you and Kaidan going to do now that the galaxy isn’t in urgent need of saving?”

Shepard – “Oh I just thought I’d retire. Maybe get married. That is if he ever asks.”

Kaidan – “And I will, just haven’t picked the right time yet is all. And Shepard, I’d retire long before you ever did.”

Hackett speaks up from the corner – “Neither of you will be. Unless you choose to. Your both Spectres the rules don’t apply to you.”

Anderson – “And if that’s not enough we’ll change them. Right Hackett?”

Hackett – “Right.”

Shepard – “Well in that case I’d like to raise a toast.  Wherever life leads you, I hope you find happiness. To new beginnings for all of us.  To the Heroes of the Normandy, the Alliance and the Galaxy at large. Here’s to all who died fighting the Reapers. Here’s to our friends and lastly. Here’s to our loves. Cheers!”

Crowd – “CHEERS!”

Kaidan – “Here’s to us.”

Shepard – “To us.”

Shepard and Kaidan share a lover’s kiss as the sun sets in the background over the horizon of the ocean.

[End Credits.]


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