Warden-Commander RavianGale: “I like this fanfic a lot. It feels like a repeat of ME1, but good. I would like it where Harbinger tries to take control of Shepard and your fight him with your mind, then go back to the real world where your companions are panicking at your side, then you get back up to finish the job.” – holdtheline.com

Catalyst – “Wake up.”

Shepard – “What? Where am I?”

Catalyst – “The Citadel. It’s my home.”

Shepard – “Who are you?”

Catalyst – “I am the Catalyst.”

Shepard – “I thought the Citadel was the Catalyst.”

Catalyst – “No, the Citadel is part of me.”

Shepard – “I need to stop the Reapers. Do you know how I can do that?”

Catalyst – “Perhaps. I control the Reapers. They are my solution.”

Shepard – “Wait, YOU control them? Why would you do this? What possible purpose could they serve?”

Catalyst – “Chaos. The created will always rebel against their creators. But we found a way to stop that from happening. A way to restore order for the next cycle.”

Shepard – “By wiping out organic life?!”

Catalyst – “No. We harvest advanced civilizations, leaving the younger ones alone. Just as we left your people alive the last time we were here.”

Shepard – “But you killed the rest. It doesn’t matter if you spare less advanced species. It’s still genocide.”

Catalyst – “We helped them ascend so they could make way for new life, storing the old life in Reaper form.”

Shepard – “I think we’d rather keep our own form.”

Catalyst – “No, you can’t. Without us to stop it, synthetics would destroy all organics. We’ve created the cycle so that never happens. That’s the solution.”

Shepard – “That’s no solution at all. We don’t want to be Reapers. Our form is what makes us unique, it’s what gives the galaxy variety. Makes it beautiful. What you’ve done against our will, makes us abominations. All because you think that it solves a war that doesn’t need to be fought in the first place.”

Catalyst – “We have witnessed it already between the Quarrians and the Geth.”

Shepard – “A conflict that has been resolved.”

Catalyst – “But it is still a conflict that can and will return.”

Shepard – “But shouldn’t we have the right to experience the consequences of our actions, for good or bad without your interference? What gives you the right?”

Catalyst – “We have already protected the galaxy from destruction many times over. Without us, you wouldn’t be here.”

Shepard – “But you’re taking away our future. Without a future, we have no hope. Without hope . . . we might as well be machines, programmed to do what we’re told.”

Catalyst – “You have hope. More than you think. The fact that you are standing here, the first organic ever, proves it. But it also proves my solution won’t work anymore.”

Shepard – “What does that mean?”

Catalyst – “We find a new solution.”

Shepard – “Start talking.”

Catalyst – “The crucible changed me. Created new . . . possibilities. But I can’t make them happen. I know you’ve thought about destroying us. You can wipe out all synthetic life if you want. Including the Geth. And most of the technology you rely on. Even you are partly synthetic.”

Shepard – “That doesn’t sound good to the galactic fleets who rely on life support. They’d be dead in minutes.”

Catalyst – “It’s a possibility.”

Shepard – “But the Reapers will be destroyed?”

Catalyst – “Yes. But the peace won’t last. Soon your children will create synthetics, and then the chaos will come back.”

Shepard – “Maybe.”

Catalyst – “Or do you think you can control us.”

Shepard – “Huh. So the Illusive Man was right after all.”

Catalyst – “Yes but he could never have taken control . . . because we already controlled him.”

Shepard – “But I can?”

Catalyst – “You will die. You will control us, but you will lose everything you have.”

Shepard – “I think I’d rather destroy them.”

Catalyst – “There is another solution.”

Shepard – “Yeah?”

Catalyst – “Synthesis.”

Shepard – “And that is.”

Catalyst – “Add your energy to the Crucible’s. Everything you are will be absorbed, and then sent out . . . The chain reaction will combine all synthetic and organic life into a new framework. A new . . . DNA.”

Shepard – “I don’t think that’s a good solution.”

Catalyst – “Why not? Synthetics are already a part of you. Can you imagine your life without them?”

Shepard – “Remember what I said about our form being unique. The same goes for the difference between organic and synthetic life. We are what we are. Change that and you might as well destroy us.”

Catalyst – “But the cycle will end. Synthesis is the final evolution of life, but we need each other to make it happen.”

Shepard – “Evolution is a natural process. Using the Crucible to achieve it is wrong. And I doubt the population of the galaxy wants me to make that decision for them.”

Catalyst – “You have a difficult decision. Releasing the energy of the Crucible will end the cycle, but it will also destroy the Mass Relays. The paths are open. But you have to choose.”

Shepard – “No I won’t.”

Catalyst – “Why not? You’re faced with destruction and I offer you choices.”

Shepard – “None of those options are solutions. In every sense without the Mass Relays the galaxy as we know it would be destroyed. All the fleets you see here would be stranded and the majority of their crew would starve.”

Catalyst – “The alternative is destruction.”

Shepard – “But don’t you control them? Can’t you stop this war? At least give us the time to make a better decision. To find a new solution that works for all of us. Synthetic and Organic.”

Catalyst – “We cannot allow it.”

Shepard feeling a tinge of a headache steps back – “You never had the intention of helping me at all.”

Catalyst – “What do you mean?”

Shepard – “You keep saying ‘we’. You are the Reapers and you refuse to stop the fighting. Not even for a moment . . .”

Shepard looks around,

Shepard – “and this place. It’s a little strange. In every option you gave me I will die and the Mass Relays will be destroyed. I don’t think the Protheans would design it that way. They would never consider it an option.”

Catalyst – “Perhaps they were desperate.”

Shepard – “Now I get it. That’s exactly what you’re trying to make me do. You’re trying to make me desperate. You keep the pressure on, keep the Reapers fighting, so I feel like I have to make a choice. But why are these choices conveniently here in one spot? And then your existence, suddenly after all this time, after thousands of years. You appear and nobody thought the Citadel could be a synthetic intelligence? I don’t believe any of this.”

Catalyst – “I am here none the less.”

Shepard’s head is throbbing – “In a very magical way.”

The Catalyst’s appearance shifts. It appears as Admiral Anderson. Catalyst – “Come on Shepard, we’re running out of time. This is what we came here to do. We’re counting on you.”

Shepard’s vision is blurring and the headache is splitting – “Stop that!”

The Catalyst turns into Admiral Hackett – “Stop what? Why are you stopping there. We need you to arm the Crucible. There’s no other option.” Then as if the transmission is breaking up, “We’re . . . Losing . . . The War.”

Shepard – “No, there’s no way. It’s never gonna work. The Crucible isn’t what we thought it was. It can’t do what we need it to.”

The Catalyst appears as Mordin – “Shepard. It was . . . An honor, serving with you. Do the right thing. Do what is necessary. Like I did, with the genophage.”

Shepard steps up to the Catalyst – “How dare you!” Shepard’s head is ringing. As if through the smoke a light appears above Shepard and a voice is calling – “Shepard! Shepard, where are you?”

The Catalyst returns to appear as the boy – “What are you going to do?”

Shepard – “I already told you, nothing.”

The Catalyst’s appearance warps wildly and the sound of a Reaper growl blasts in the air.

Shepard – “Harbinger!”

Harbinger – “You are strong Shepard. But you cannot win.”

Shepard – “We’ll never give up. We’ll never give in.”

Harbinger – “You will fail.”

The light above Shepard keeps getting brighter – “But we’ll never go down without a fight.”

Shepard hears the voice calling again – “Shepard! Come on answer me!”

Harbinger – “Fight as you will. It is futile. We are immortal and you will die because we demand it.”

Shepard yells out as the light and ringing envelops everything in sight, “No! There has to be another way!”

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