It all started when I casually sat down and wrote my own personal ending to the game, much unchanged from the Garrus and Wrex entry. But then I got feedback from total strangers that was overwhelmingly positive. I knew I had to be on to something but there was a catch. If I wanted to make headlines, I’d have to diversify. I’d have to write the ending to accommodate multiple squad members and choices. I’d have to write multiple epilogues for several Romances. And then I’d have to alter the action sequences to adapt for all the combat classes.

After many hours of hard work, more than you can imagine, I completed writing all stories for all classes and romances. But then I got an idea for a NOVEL, and now there are many chapters available to read.

It is a challenging task to say the least but I look forward to enriching the project with new content ongoing. But to do so I need your help. This is not a job, I don’t get paid for this, YET. Your positive feedback is my only reward and it keeps me going.

If you like what you’ve seen here and are a member of the forums please bump this thread or share this blog with any of your friends, family and associates. So many people have yet to learn about this project.

Please read the endings first before voting. (Oh and Jennifer Hale [or any other voice actors] if you vote could you comment that you did. Doesn’t matter which way you vote. Thanks.)